Wednesday is here with a reminder Capricorn that even when things seem like they’re falling apart, they may actually be falling into place. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson welcomes you today with your daily horoscope for Capricorn so let’s see what’s in store for you:

What to expect

You’re a bit more confident today and eager to give your heart to someone special. The planets encourage bold moves today and give you a little nudge in the right direction. Spread your love Capricorn. Be sincere and genuine in your affections. Things are looking up.

On the other side of things, someone else has taken a great liking to you, but you don’t necessarily feel the same. Instead of being standoffish and rude to their advances, put yourself in their shoes and have a heart. Not everyone is brave enough to express their interest in their beloved, and some people actually go their entire lives with regret that they didn’t. So be kind today. The stars say that even if this is not meant to be a romantic relationship, there’s nothing stopping it from turning into a lifelong friendship.

Don’t try to back away now Capricorn. Your hard work is paying off, and it’s time to enjoy the spotlight. It’s true you’ve never really been a social butterfly but why be modest at this time?

Savor the attention and good wishes that are coming your way. Your mind is already busy thinking about the next project on the agenda, and you are determined to make it even more successful than the last. You certainly are ambitious.

To err is human Capricorn and this you know better than anyone. Today, words can be directed at you in jest, but you’ll interpret it a whole other way.

Be direct and seek immediate clarification before this relationship goes downhill and fast. You’ve been in this position before, and you’re aware that sometimes, it’s not what you say, but how you say it, that makes all the difference. The stars advise you to be lenient and just give the person the benefit of the doubt.

It’s a lovey dovey day for you and your baby so make the most of it.

Cook, visit friends, check out the movies or play Twister. Just do anything to keep your time together fun and lively. A mini vacation could be doable, and you know that he/she has been looking forward to this for a long time. The laughs you’ll trigger from your honey makes all the effort you put into this relationship, worthwhile. You’re in the mood to treat yourself Capricorn, so gather up some friends and go on a spree. While you’re there, buy a surprise gift for your darling to reaffirm your commitment to your love.

How to get through your day

If you have nothing planned just yet Capricorn, why not take your older relatives on a long scenic drive. It’s not often that they get a change of scenery and they’d absolutely love spending quality time with you.

Use today to reminisce about the good old days, your childhood and how much life has really changed. Indigo is your lucky color for today so wear it proudly. Later on, you will realize that people are influenced by you but be sure, not to abuse your position of authority.

We’ve enjoyed sharing today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn with you and hope you will share this reading with all of your friends and networks on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.) Do enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and come back to see what tomorrow has in store.