Saturday always brings with it a breath of fresh air and today Capricorn, you are in a reflective mood. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson welcomes you with your daily horoscope for Capricorn so let’s see what’s happening in your life today:

What to expect

Tonight you'll feel a little tired and fed up as you can't seem to win anything in the game of love. You know exactly who’s in your heart, but someone near and dear to you has been acting strangely. You're not sure what's up, but it doesn't feel good. To make matters even more intense and even more puzzling, someone you' don’t really favor has come out and told you what they think is going on.

You’re not pleased at all! Don't shoot the messenger, but don't take the message seriously just yet, either. Who knows? This third party might have an ulterior motive.

It takes a very strong person to declare heartfelt emotions to someone who hasn’t said anything yet about it. Capricorn, this is not your forte, but all is not lost because you don’t risk being embarrassed if your sentiments aren’t reciprocated. Today though, you’re feeling different and willing to take a risk. You've got a lot of loving feelings that you need to express, and you're determined to express them to your special someone. Not only will they be pleased as punch to hear these affectionate thoughts, but they'll reciprocate and blow your mind.

For those facing little problems in your relationship, ask your partner for clarification on any pressing issues. If you have an ascendant in Cancer, keep dreaming of fairytale love. There is someone perfect for you out there so don't give up, and you will get what you have always wanted. If you've encountered a lot of resistance on some of your projects, Capricorn, you should probably let them go.

It’s better to change the things that we can, and stop focusing on those that we can’t. It's possible that you're still doing something a certain way even though your goals have changed. All you used to think about was getting ahead in your career but is that what you still want?

How to get through your day

Students will have a particularly trying day today and be faced with all sorts of distractions.

The stars advise a change of scenery perhaps to get you away from the noise and personal interference in your life. It’s a crucial time for you as your future is at stake if promising results are not forthcoming. However, no matter what happens, it’s still not the end of the world. If one door closes to you dear Capricorn, then climb through the window. Reunions are usually fun, whether they’re with old friends or family matters. Unless of course, they’re the nosy type who want to find out all your personal affairs and then add their spoonful of critique to the mix. Today, relax with the knowledge that the stars will guide you away from the path of destruction and away from the town gossips as well!

We’ve enjoyed sharing today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn with you and hope you will share this reading with all of your friends and networks on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.) Do enjoy the rest of your Saturday and come back to see what Sunday has in store.