Hey, Cancers! Astrologer Megan Wilson brings you your daily horoscope for Cancer on this fantastic Friday. Let’s see what the stars tells you about today. In today’s forecast, we’re taking a look at how to make the most of your day!

What to expect

Don't let others quell your good mood today or your enthusiastic nature, jump right into any opportunity or activity that comes your way today. Others may be afraid to try an unknown venture, but today, Cancer, you are guided by a courageous spirit, embrace it! That fire in you won't last forever so it's best to take advantage and start to tackle the most difficult of tasks that you have been avoiding for the last week, it will seem less arduous with the right attitude.

Cancer, the stars have aligned in your favor today, with the Moon in Capricorn, it will seem that everything is working out for you. It's normal for Cancers to doubt themselves, but overcome all of those fears today and remind yourself that you are capable, you are worthy and you are willing. Let that fact alone be enough to convince you that you can accomplish any goal or overcome any challenge today.

You may be concerned about the response that you are expected to receive from a person in authority in your life, but cast your fears aside. While you aren't responsible for the way others interpret your effort, as long as you receive the news with a positive attitude, you will be pleasantly surprised that you both may be able to start working well together.

However, if you require assurances from the heavens, the stars advise that today your most lucky period will be between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, and to take your luck up to another level and attract positive energy ensure that you have lavender incorporated into your wardrobe today.

How to get through your day

To get through your day Cancer, let acceptance be the word for the day.

Remember you are powerless to affect or change the minds of others once they have dug in their heals, your actions will speak much louder than your words and they will have to force themselves to reconsider their original judgment.

For that Career advice that you have been seeking, do not go to your usual sources for reassurances or guidance as their experiences are limited and as such may not apply to your situation.

Instead, go to that Capricorn in your circle of friends, he or she will have the insight that you so desperately need.

With everything going in your favor Cancer, let go and let be. While this advice may seem cliche, it doesn't detract from its relevance. Sometimes the act of doing nothing is the best way forward and leaving others up to their own devices will ultimately serve you better.

Thanks for reading today’s daily horoscope for Cancer. Please share with your friends and have a wonderful day!