Tuesday is here, Cancer, and the stars have had their say in what’s to come for your day. Let’s take a look at your daily horoscope for Cancer:

What to expect

Wearing light green will attract positive vibes and good luck, Cancer. Speaking of green, why not spend some time today bonding with nature? You may also need to spend quality time today with your bank book because unnecessary spending threatens to put you in the red. The stars say it’s a good time to capitalize on certain opportunities so be forgiving and realistic with your demands of others, let the past stay buried, and don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to little mistakes.

Forget the past and focus on where you’re headed: bigger, brighter, and better. It may not seem possible right now, but a much more interesting and prosperous time awaits and all you’ve got to do is seize the day. Start planning how you’re going to celebrate because things are looking up and your loved ones will be right there to see you through.

Your sensuality is causing quite a stir. You’re out and about today meetings lots of people, turning heads, and being glamorous and sexy. The stars advise you to pick your lovers wisely and heed the warning signs. Do not be stubborn because of a mere pretty face and get yourself sucked into a disastrous relationship. Just keep hold on your impulsiveness and take things step by step.

The stars say it is a good time to act logically. So, if you’re trying to win people over by ducking your responsibilities and talking your way out of tasks, it’s probably not the best way to go about it. Tonight, you could feel nostalgic for your childhood. Bring back some memories: fly a kite, jump around on a pogo stick, or watch your favorite cartoon.

Free your mind of your troubles and liberate your senses.

How to get through your day

Philosophy engages you today and you’re interested in deep topics. Why not contact some old family members and rattle them for stories of the good old days? Questions that have been circling your mind will most likely be answered, giving you a clearer sense of where you came from and what makes you tick.

After today, you’ll feel like keeping in touch more with these living treasure troves of your life. This is definitely a great time for family bonding, so make the most of the opportunity and spend time trying to bring out the laughter in even the shyest member of your clan.

That was your daily horoscope for Cancer. Have a wonderful Tuesday.