Welcome to your daily FinanceScope for Pisces! Astrologer Megan Wilson deciphers what the stars want to tell you about your future and the path you need to choose. Read on to find out more about what’s coming your way and how you should handle the problems you currently face in your life.

What to expect

What rises will at some point fall. You may not be around to see the grand show through though, but try not to be too disillusioned, it will all be balanced eventually. Favors may go both ways at first, but somehow they often stop moving back towards you.

That’s just the way things go at times, you can’t always fight the system. Those friends of yours who reach the heights may not want to be bothered with giving you a leg up, so perhaps friends was not originally the right word.

Expect that today the Stars will try to trip you up. Do not help them along in this, stay away from those things that tempt you and try not to oppose the current trends. This is not the day to be a maverick. Some advice for those born in the second decade: it would be best for you to dip into your savings and treat yourselves to a nice holiday. A couple weeks away will do you good.

Legal dealings will see movement today for those involved in any active cases. You may receive some positive news if you are in the middle of a case to do with property.

A property dispute which has been in the works for a long time will likely be settled during the day. This news will be greeted with intense relief as it has been so long in coming. Do not celebrate too early though, you are not quite out of the woods yet, keep working on it until you receive final word of a resolution.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Pisces, do not allow bitterness to shadow your emotions. You are not able to control the actions of others, as much as you wish you had that power. Sometimes you will have to make that difficult decision to write off an old friendship. When things are one sided as they a have been for such a long time you only end up draining yourself.

Reciprocity is essential, if they can’t even be bothered to listen to you or your concerns anymore, why are you hitting your head against that wall? Stop letting others encroach on your headspace. Give it one last go, and after that, all bets are off! You are to move forward on your own steam and stop extending yourself where you are no longer appreciated.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Pisces. If you’ve enjoyed this reading feel free to share with your network and be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates. Have a great day!