Today's topic for the daily Chinese Horoscope for Rooster is about staying focused. Their instinct guides Those born under this sign and finds they are successful when they allow themselves to trust it. People born under this sign must fight the urge to overthink and get caught up in minute details and must remain focused on the bigger picture.

What to Expect

Today you will feel the negative energies of other people just rubbing off on you; you need to make a conscious effort to remain serene and don't let it shake you up too much. Don't feed this negative energy with gossip and rumors which are often very far from the truth.

Seek the facts and use them to make an informed decision.

How to get through your day

There will be a lazy start to your day so focus on regaining your drive, and you'll find that the energy you're seeking is there. Don't let anyone coerce you into giving up on anything; your life is your own you are the master of your own fate push for it. God helps those who help themselves. Use your spiritual energy to center yourself and don't let any negativity in although it may be all around you.

Love and Relationships: Don't dismiss anybody regardless of how silly they may seem on the outside, remember everyone has different experiences, and we can always learn something from another person's experience or gain a different perspective even when it comes to relationships.

The stars show a great upheaval whether it’s relocation or a shift in careers, remember anger never solves any problems…it only creates.

Your goal is to focus on the peace and be the glue that keeps people together. It will take every ounce of diplomacy you have to resolve every misunderstanding around you but fear not you can do it.

Compromise always helps both parties. Avoid focusing on the result of relationships but rather enjoy every stage of the relationship remember life is meant to be lived.

Career: The stars show a new business opportunity on the horizon to be a profitable one, especially if you're in an independent profession. Make an effort to grab at the opportunity you may be surprised by the outcome.

You will have to use patience in the workplace, and people are not up to your standard but don't allow your desire for professionalism bring negativity into the workplace.

Remember no one likes a know it all and no one likes to feel that they're not good enough, so even if you feel that someone may be an amateur keep that thought to yourself you'll only create conflict by voicing it. However, what you can do is gentle coaching to bring them up to your level without demeaning that person or people.

That's it for today's daily Chinese Horoscope for Rooster. Hope you've enjoyed this reading and apply this valuable insight. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what the stars have in store for you.