Hello! It's Friday, and in today's daily Chinese Horoscope for Dragon, let’s talk about being honorable. As a Dragon, you are a natural-born leader, you are determined, and have profound strength and self-assurance. Read on to see what the stars have to say to you for today.

What to expect

The stars suggest that you have everything going for you today. You have the look, the charisma, the talent, and the drive to get things done and everyone has noticed. While you may be charging ahead you may be trampling on the dreams of someone who is very dear to you.

You know this and recognize it, and still, you are hesitant to make room for them to participate or you are hesitant because you do not want to share the limelight. There is no need for you to be without honor. They are looking at you for guidance. This may be a young and innocent person that you have great hopes for -- rise to the occasion and let them know that you will be there to lead and guide them. Financial strength could also be in the making. Don't be caught off-guard today, dress for the part that you want.

How to get through your day

To get through your day today, try organizing your home and work spaces. You have all the help that you could want in this regard. Make lists, get folders and binders, and clear out cupboards that have not been opened for years.

You may have to play host this evening. A clear conscience and a clear space will allow you to enjoy yourself much more. A favorite pet or animal may not be feeling well, and a visit to the vet will have everything sorted out as quickly as possible.

Love & Relationships: Love is flourishing at an unprecedented pace. You have a romantic manner about you that nourishes the soul of your partner.

You may feign ignorance to some of your partner's habits or of other things that you previously warned against. They may be anxious for you to find out, try assuaging their fears -- it can only bring them closer to you. Staying indoors if you do not have a partner will not be as bad as you think! The phone will be ringing off the hook from friends and relatives that you have not interacted with in some time.

Career: You have the Midas touch. Amazing opportunities will present themselves to you and you will take great advantage of them. Work from the text book so to speak and do not give into the temptation to show off. Your skill is there. Financial gain could be yours if you maintain a steady hand.

A piece of advice for today could be to control your bad habits, as they have never benefited you in the past. Why don't you try to let them go?

Thank you for reading today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Dragon. Have a great Friday!