Today’s topic for the daily Chinese Horoscope for Dog is about managing conflict in the workplace. People born under this sign are usually introverts with high IQs. Howeve,r because of their reclusive nature have problems sharing thoughts with others and don’t have easy social interactions. Those born under this sign have a stern nature and go through life methodically. They can reliably complete any task.

However, they don’t overextend themselves to beyond the task as they firmly believe that their time is too valuable to be wasted on impressing other people.

They are the masters of their own fate and very rarely have their course changed by the opinions of others. They have their own morals and values and will hold sturdy regardless of external events.

What to expect

This is a Good Time to change your look or enact drastic change, the stars show a powerful energy driving your today. Take advantage of it and don't let fear hold you back. Have a look you've always wanted to try but were too scared? Today is that day.

How to get through your day

Today's energies are powerful and you'd do well to take advantage of this energy, jump at every opportunity that presents itself, you haven't had such a positive day in a very long time. Let your latent extrovert out, that social playful side that people rarely associate you with today is the best day to make a good impression on someone new.

Don't let your social life suffer for your work or your career the word of the day for you is balance. Harness all the positive energy by tapping into some Feng Shui and that environmental energy as well. Today is your day embrace life.

Career: Today, unfortunately, the stars show jealous people who usually stay from afar and mutter about you might try to take advantage of your quiet disposition and challenge you for your hard earned position in your workplace.

However don't make the mistake of getting into a shouting match with them simply demonstrate through your actions and work ethic, the reason why you succeed in the office. Remember actions always speak louder than words. Take your time when it comes to your colleagues in the workplace, everyone is not at your level so even when they're making mistakes just patiently reason with them and stick to your strengths: logic and reasoning.

Love and Relationships: Your intelligence often prevents you from loving with all your heart, your job is to find the right balance between the two. You will find it hard to compromise and it’s usually difficult for you since you're usually accustomed to defending your position will all your might. Strive for harmony, find that compromise which your mind and heart can both accept.

That's it for today's daily Chinese Horoscope for Dog. Hope you've enjoyed this reading and apply this valuable insight. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what the stars have in store for you.