I am a left wing Democrat if that offends anyone fair warning this article is written in my opinion. As such it is my opinion that Donald Trump should not be President. He is rude, arrogant, and entirely unsuited for the Presidency. To be fair I never liked the idea of a Trump Presidency, however, I did give him a chance to prove me wrong. To date, he hasn't.

The first thing he did when in office was to sign an executive order that enacted a travel ban in Muslim majority nations. And yes I say ban because that is exactly what it is, even Donald Trump himself calls it a ban.

He has since twice tried to remove the Affordable Care Act and failed, now he is trying to enact the military transgender ban. The simple fact that he is incapable of condemning Nazi's and neo-nazis is enough to not like the guy. I don't know about the rest of the country, but I really don't want a president who can't even understand that Nazi's are bad. By not condemning them he's enabling them.

So why is Donald Trump still president?

SO why is Donald Trump still President? one would imagine it has to do with the fact that Congress is a Republican majority and they don't want to be seen turning on their own. Or they could actually want him as President. After all, most of Congress didn't condemn Nazism and Neo-Nazism either.

Despite the fact that we fought a whole war over it.

So for now, despite the rumors of impeachment, we are stuck with a rude, racist, misogynistic, transphobic, arrogant, and from what we've seen so far, an ignorant and entitled President. I sincerely hope that Congress is moving towards impeachment because our president is, unfortunately, an embarrassment to our country.

He is rude to other leaders of the world, has no sense of how to conduct himself acceptably, and has declined to accept landmark legislation like the Paris Agreement. All of which is truly bad for our country and sets us on a path to destruction.

What can we do?

It doesn't look like we're getting out of a Donald Trump presidency anytime soon.

So what can we do until then? Obviously, we can protest bills that end our healthcare and endanger our country. We can protest racist rallies. But you can also write to your Congressman/woman or your Senator. They were elected by you to serve you. If you don't agree with a proposed bill, it's your duty to tell them. They are paid to work in your best interest doing and voting the way the majority of their district or state would. By not getting involved you enable them. If a healthcare bill does pass that hurts the country but you never called or protested or got involved you essential allowed it to happen.