The job of Mayor of New York is a hard one under the best of circumstances. In fact, for a number of decades, until Rudy Giuliani assumed the office in the 1990s, New York City seemed to many to be ungovernable. Giuliani proved otherwise, stamping out crime and renewing the city to something resembling a civilized place to live. His successor, Michael Bloomberg, despite his annoying nanny state attitude toward salt in food and sugary drinks, more or less continued Giuliani’s policies.

Bill de Blasio, however, appeared to be a throwback to the bad old, Son of Sam days, when he was elected mayor with his progressive attitudes toward policing and his socialist policies in general.

However, De Blasio has turned out to be something worse than a bad mayor. He appears not to want to be mayor at all, but rather President of the United States.

De Blasio goes to Hamburg

Mayor de Blasio has taken off to Hamburg, Germany to join in the anti-capitalist protests against the G-20 summit, also attended by President Donald Trump among others. The theory is that he is enhancing his leftist street cred in advance of the 2020 presidential nomination campaign. He would be running against more famous leftists like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders. De Blasio wants to out progressive his competition in hopes of getting the nomination and have the honor of going up against Trump/

No mayor of New York has ever won a party nomination not to mention the presidency.

However, two mayors have tried, John Lindsey in 1972 and Rudy Giuliani in 2008. Both gentlemen turned out to be also-rans, however.

De Blasio is neglecting his day job

His Honor picked an unfortunate time to jet off to Europe. New York is reeling from the murder of a police officer named Miosotis Familia, a mother of three, in her command car by a mental patient who seems to have escaped treatment through bureaucratic bungling.

The famed New York subway system is in a state of near collapse. The homeless problem in the City has started to get out of control. So there is plenty of work for De Blasio to occupy him should he be so inclined.

De Blasio has the minor problem of getting reelected for mayor this year before he tried to climb higher on the greasy pole to the Oval Office. It says quite a bit about the political culture of New York City that he is likely to win easily, mainly because he has not drawn a credible opponent. Where is Rudy when we need him?