The rumor that Hillary Clinton has elicited reactions ranging from head scratching to yelps of astonishment. The conventional wisdom is that she is so popular with New Yorkers that she will sweep all before her, taking our the mediocre De Blasio and getting what would amount as a consolation prize for having lost the presidency twice. One question, however, does arise.


The theory is that Clinton’s political ambition is so overwhelming that she cannot accept defeat and cannot remain a private citizen for the end of her days. If she cannot run for president, she must run for something.

She has already been a senator, and the governorship is firmly in Andrew Cuomo’s grip. So that leaves mayor of the largest city in the world.

If course, even she does win, and Hot Air has its doubts, she would be terrible at the job. Running New York is no joke. It is large, unwieldy, and filled with squabbling political factions. It has all the problems of any other large city in America, ameliorated by the fact that Giuliani and Bloomberg ran the place well before De Blasio began to run it down in his madcap, lefty way. Clinton has shown no indication that she has the skill set or experience necessary to keep New York City afloat. Instead, she shows every indication that she would send it into the same death spiral that Detroit has traveled along.

Since New York City is still the financial capital of the world, that is a serious matter.

Of course, the choice between Clinton and De Blasio is something akin of choice between cancer and coronary heart disease. Unchecked, the outcome is the same. The trick, unless President Trump is to avoid a bailout of New York City in the same way President Jimmy Carter had to swallow, is finding a third candidate who can run the city and could win a race in a profoundly left-wing city.

Trump may be forgiven for thinking that one of his talented children might just fit the bill. Mayor Ivanka Trump of New York, anyone? If she can make it there she can make it anywhere.

Then again, Trump can easily derail Clinton by unleashing the investigations into her various crimes. New Yorker may balk at elected a felon,. but one never knows.