Ever since Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation, Trump has been critical of his AG. The President continues to lambast him without meeting him formally about his complaints. His vehicle to convey his ire is his account on Twitter. On Wednesday, Trump again tweeted his displeasure in a tweet, that showed that he is a hard task master and in case you don’t do what he likes, then you can expect anything. The president tweeted his displeasure by asking a pointed question as to why the AG hadn’t fired Andrew McCabe who he claimed was a friend of James Comey and in charge of the Clinton investigation.

Trump went on to add that this was mainly because McCabe ‘s wife got “big dollars” from Hillary Clinton and her team. He repeated his favorite tweet “drain the swamp”.

Sessions is facing the president’s ire and he is not responding. Trump has been referring to his AG as “beleaguered” and “weak” and these tweets bring out his ire. They show a man who is angry with his AG. CNN International reported this news.

Trump tweets his displeasure

Trump has not spoken to Sessions directly and despite a few of his aides suggested that he talk to the AG, the President has refrained from meeting him Face To Face. Trumps new “man Friday” Anthony Scaramouche defended Trump and said that this was a good method to convey his message as the AG was a recipient of Trump's tweets.

This may not be entirely correct as Jeff sessions Twitter account is lying dormant since 2014.

Trump's actions have its critics and one of them is Lindsay Graham.

He has questioned the public scorn poured on sessions without firing him. He wondered if Trump was that much ill-disposed towards the AG why did he not send him a message thanking him for his services and telling him to go home.

Will Sessions be fired?

Sessions probably has a thick skin. He has told aides that he plans to stick around and has no plans of resigning.

He is continuing his duties at the Justice Department. Trump is getting hemmed in with the Russian connection which he has termed as “fake news” and his ire flows from there. His anger has been simmering for some time and he lost much his ardor for his AG after he recused himself from the Russian connection. This is something that has riled the president the most. The president has himself not said anything concrete about the future of the AG. When asked as to what was his plan he replied with a cryptic answer that "time will tell". Perhaps Session's days are numbered and Trump would be happy in case the AG went on his own.