Following the death of Rashan Charles, who died following a police chase in east London on Saturday, July 22nd, Dalston erupted into violent protests. One campaigner for the group, Stand Up To Racism, said violence was the only way young people could articulate their frustration when the police behave like "a gang." Yet, where was the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in the middle of all this?

The truth of the matter is that he has been so preoccupied with President Trump's proposed state visit to London that he has not bothered to issue any leadership over these clashes.

The only politician who was visible at the demonstration was the Labour Party's shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott. She said violence was not the answer, but was happy to speak to a group encouraging that sort of behavior. The hypocrisy of Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn knows no bounds.

Mr. Khan has failed to demonstrate any leadership

Mr. Khan has failed to demonstrate any leadership over the recent London riots. He has had his priorities completely wrong since taking office. To be fair to the Mayor, he did provide public statements during the Grenfell Tower incident and the Westminster Bridge attacks, but this time he was completely invisible. His predecessor, Boris Johnson, was everywhere during the 2011 riots, and when Theresa May was Home Secretary, she approved the use of water cannons to quell the protesters.

Since taking office in May 2016, Mr. Khan has become too distracted with two matters that he has no power to deal with: Brexit and President Trump. Instead of discussing the Dalston riots, he publicly stated that Britain's EU exit should be overturned with a second referendum in recent days. In regard to the US President, he suggested that he has no idea what his "beef" with the London Mayor is, adding: "we are not school children." But still no statement on Dalston.

It is no secret that the Labour Mayor has opposed many of President Trump's flagship policies that include the travel ban on Muslims from particular countries. Mr. Khan has said it would be inappropriate to "roll out the red carpet" for the US President for that reason.

He thinks he is an international statesman

Regardless of how one feels about Donald Trump, if the British Government refused him a state visit, it would be a substantial error on their part.

The US is the UK's closest ally, and the current US President has offered Britain a post-Brexit trade deal likely to generate more wealth than one with the EU. It is also head of NATO, the alliance which has retained peace in Europe since the end of the Second World War, and one of Britain's largest export markets.

The US President is standing up to Mr. Khan. He is proving to be a terrible Mayor so far. Four weeks into office, he broke his key election pledge to freeze travel fares. In regard to Brexit and Trump, he thinks he is an international statesman. The London Mayor should remember that he is just that; a mayor. It is not his place to attempt to thwart decisions the British Government makes regarding international affairs.