The article "Wait upon the drop" in Christianity Today explores the effect that Electronic Dance Music has on young people in the church. According to Russ Jones, pastor of worship arts at The Crossing, said that EDM is helping the church reach younger generations. The pulsating music may be increasing the number of Millennials and Generation Xers, but is it causing more young Americans to give their lives to Christ?

The purpose of the church

Everything has a purpose and there was a time when the purpose of the church was very clear. It was a place where pastors taught from the bible and gave an invitation to those in attendance to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Individuals who accept Him as Lord and Savior have their confession of faith, followed with water baptism. Afterward, the new believers are encouraged to attend Sunday school and worship services where they learn how to live the Christian life.

Today, many churches are simply entertainment centers that babysit young adults without giving them the firm foundation of past generations. Russ Jones also stated in Christianity Today that EDM livens up the worship service and causes those in attendance to want to "move a little more." Electronic beats and the freedom to move and groove, however, in no way indicate if these young people have a real relationship with Christ.

What are Gen Xers and Millennials really getting from their church experience?

The desire to get Generation X and Millennials in the building in increasing numbers may be overshadowing the very purpose of the church. Christ outlined His great commission in Matthew 28:19 and Mark 16:15-16. He said that those who believe in Him should go into all the world and preach His gospel, teach all nations and baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Aodhan King was quoted in Christianity Today as saying that the beauty of EDM is that "You can't not jump to the beat." There is nothing wrong with exciting music and reaching out to young people with what is familiar to them. The question would be regarding what happens after the music stops? If these young adults are learning from the word of God and being led to a closer personal relationship with Christ then it's all good.

If they exit the building with only the memory of pulsating music and a desire to repeat the experience at the next service, then they may be missing the point.

Dancing to the music in a club or at a concert is supposed to be fun and entertining. Christ, however, indicates in the Bible that He had a very different purpose for His church.