I do not think much about Ivanka trump. She is there. The world does not revolve around her. But all she seems to need to do is anything to stir up a hornet's nest. On one side very tendentious observations on largely irrelevant contradictions -- she is not her father but you would think so from the tweets. On the other side the predictable barrage from equally boring Trumpophiles.

Step back

At some point, more measured reactions will have to enter the picture. Perhaps we can learn to ignore things that are in context unimportant. Sure, social media can make things important just by puffing them up.

But such power has limits. It can become so nonsensical and then simply die of its own silliness.


It is a custom that one's delegation can move into empty head table chairs. Issues of importance to Ivanka were under discussion. Her father is indeed the president and any moderating influence on that troubled soul is welcome. But here comes the ny times going more tabloid by the minute, down to the Twitter-centric headline.

The true power of social media is to accomplish good, not provide the NY Times with grist for equating its outrage with public opinion generally.

Most opinion is probably in line with this article. The Times reacts to sound and fury signifying less and less. Amazing, Shakespeare got this right before there was the Internet. Then again, he was Shakespeare.

Social media is more than those who yell loudest

A reasonable take on the Internet will say there is a whole side we will never know.

The side we do know may be dominated by major companies -- the five largest in fact -- but we are the boss. The minute we do not want to be on Facebook or Twitter we can be off. In fact, we can shut down entirely anytime.

This freedom we possess does not parse with the news according to the NYT. Remember the controversy over Ivanka?

Becoming boring

It is already possible that Trump is being discounted because of the predictability and silliness of his various behaviors. Because Ivanka fits the pretty woman stereotype, she will be skewered and admired in equal measures for some time.

But it is clearly time for the world to move onward to deal with some of the issues Ivanka actually professes to care about. The empowerment of women is no small thing no matter who is doing it.

It is the noise that should become boring and finally unnecessary. I happen to think our dying retail culture upped noise generally a few decades ago on the premise that it keeps people "in the casino". But it may be the days of both casinos and unnecessary noise are numbered.