Hey, Scorpios! A new week has finally come home! Your birth between October 23rd and November 21st bestows an acute intuition upon you. In today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio, the stars tell you to take a chance on love.

What to expect

Singles: You would have been hurt before--but who hasn’t? The game of love is ever changing and can be fun and lighthearted if you let it. Don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy your time with a crush. Maybe you could think of altering your wants in a prospective partner. Perhaps your unrealistic expectations are the reason for your loneliness till now.

If you want some advice, don't be afraid to make mistakes because this allows you to grow. Show your sentiments with sincerity. Sometimes being flamboyant is a good strategy -- it shows your boldness while attracting attention at the same time. But not today. Be a wallflower. Be understated. Someone shy might take to you. A new, fun encounter can liven up your group of friends.

Couples: You and your sweetheart each have a rich source of social resources. Maybe it's time to combine them. Throw a party or get together. New connections will spark, and old parts of your lives will reconnect. You've used sex to win someone over but may realize this doesn't work so well unless you give in to forbidden love games.

If you are an ascendant Libra, you'll enjoy playing with your lover, heating him or her up, causing anticipation and then...testing! Today, love is your priority: you'll understand what makes you happy and what will fulfill you and your partner's desires. If your rising sign is in the sign of Libra, don’t beat around the bush.

A problem needs your attention so take hold of the reins and solve problems in a concrete manner.Those born in the third decade can look forward to novelty in Love. Consequently, they should be vigilant and react appropriately. You know, if you start treating your baby like your boss, it will be everybody's loss. You are both in this together so take decisions maturely and don’t play the blame game.

How to get through your day

Singles: Just as you thought everything was going well something comes along to shake things up and you suddenly bump back down to Earth. It’s just emotional weather so don't take it all too seriously. Don't make the situation worse by fighting against it. Move through the day with decorum and civility towards others.

Couples: Today in your love life you should watch out for signs of infidelity, or signs that you are being tempted into an extramarital relationship. Reflect instead on the strength and security of your current relationship and ask yourself if it is even slightly worth jeopardizing. You may find that it’s not.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio. Thanks for checking out your reading and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and see what the stars have in store for you for the rest of this week. Have a great day!