Hillary Clinton is slowly but relentlessly emerging from the woods, as it were, and is starting to make public speeches and statements. The main subject of her yammering is to place blame about why she Lost at the hands of a person like Donald Trump, according to AFP. The one word she used to explain why she is a private citizen and not the first female president of the United States is, “Misogyny.” The same argument Clinton used to justify why she should be president she is deploying to tell anyone who cares to listen why she is not. She lost because she is a woman.

America was just not ready for a strong, competent woman to be their president. So sad. Sarah Palin was not available for comment.

It is more than a little tiresome to have to go over this ground, but apparently, Clinton and likely many of her supporters are telling themselves comforting lies to explain why she lost so spectacularly and unexpectedly to Trump, the most unlikely president of the United States ever to have been elected. To put the matter succinctly, Hillary Clinton lost because she is corrupt, evil, and a bad politician. These facts may be hard for her and her acolytes to hear, but they are facts nevertheless.

Let is list some of the bill of particulars that caused the American electorate to reject Hillary Clinton’s offering of herself as a gift to the nation.

The email server controversy, where Clinton stored top secret documents for every hacker to look at, has still not been adequately resolved. That behavior alone should put her in jail and not the Oval Office.

Let us not forget Kathy Shelton, the unfortunate woman who, as a 12-year old girl, was raped within an inch of her life in 1975 Arkansas.

Representing her rapist, young Hillary Rodham trashed the victim, claiming that she fantasized the whole thing and was attracted to older men. Some physical evidence vanished under mysterious circumstances. In any case, who trashes an innocent girl who was ruined for life at the hands of a monster? Certainly no one worthy of public office.

Finally, let is not forget that Hillary was terrible on the stump, reciting robotic speeches and collapsing at one point in New York, spinning endless speculation about her health. Her main argument for being president was, “I am woman, hear me drone.” The American people responded by saying, “No thanks, we’re going with the tough, rude businessman because we really are mad at people like you. Have a nice day and please go away.”