While Democrat-friendly stories streaming from mainstream media outlets have become a failed series of gotcha stories focused on taking out President Trump, the real, if mostly ignored story, is about a decimated Democratic Party in search of leadership seven months after the 2016 elections. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the controversial Democrat from San Francisco, the blue cradle of left-wing everything, is clinging to her speaker role years after her leadership turned into a Democratic Party train wreck.

Media Trump obsession vs. Pelosi

Despite mainstream media generally tiptoeing around massive political losses suffered by the once powerful Democratic Party under Pelosi's reign, her party influence is in rapid decline. Rank and file democrats are beginning to vent against Pelosi’s political malignancy, using words like "toxic" to describe her leadership. She recently told party members that she was “worth the trouble” but increasingly, her political ilk say the opposite is true.

Democrats turn on Pelosi

“You have to be an idiot to think we could win the house with Pelosi,” says Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela of Texas.

Each post-Trump special election has Democrats racking up another loss, the last being John Ossoff’s nearly 5-point loss to Republican Karen Handel in Georgia.

Democrats spent tens of millions of dollars in Georgia only to be easily defeated - next up is a special election in Utah where Democrats are expected to spend little and lose big. That would mean the party would take a 0-5 post-Trump record into the 2018 midterm elections that experts believe they are not favored to win. In the Senate, it’s no better for Democrats, since they will be defending far more seats than Republicans.

Rep. Kathleen Rich (D-Ny.) recently said on MSNBC, “Her time is come and gone.” Still, Pelosi insists that Democrats back her leadership and plan to keep her at the top of their ticket. However, the growing tsunami of dissension over her San Francisco liberalism seems to be turning the tide.

Perhaps it was Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, who coined the phrase that best describes Nancy Pelosi’s affect on the party.

After Ossoff’s defeat in the most expensive House race in history last month he called the San Francisco minority speaker a “toxic” element of the Democratic Party.

Pelosi discontent widens

Pelosi’s plight is becoming blatantly obvious to all concerned as Democrat-friendly medias’ never-ending obsession with Russia/Trump collusion stories begins to fade. With only Trump’s occasionally errant tweets to rant over, an increasingly over-the-top press is now and then being forced to turn its attention to the state of the Democratic Party, which should have been at least equally relevant news since November 8.

Ryan may have said it best as published in the NY Times back on June 21: "Our brand is worse than Trump."