The Cannabis plant was given to man by the Creator based on Genesis 1:28. In the King James Version, it says: Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth. This plant grows naturally from the earth just like tobacco. It was given to man with an intended purpose. This is why Marijuana use for medicinal purposes should not be a crime.

The irony of not legalizing the use of Marijuana

Alcohol, prescription drugs, and nicotine use have all been proven to be deadly if they are abused yet they remain legal. Marijuana has medicinal value and there is an irony in deeming its use to be illegal.

All across this nation states are decriminalizing the use of Cannabis but our Federal Government as of yet has not followed suit.

There is an irony to the fact that the U.S. Government was ever able to deem the use of Cannabis as illegal. This plant was placed in the earth with properties that may aid in healing but it is against the law to utilize it. The DEA has deemed marijuana as a controlled substance. Chemical compounds that are manufactured by man and have known extreme side effects are promoted by doctors and sold legally. Very ironic indeed.

Cannabis and cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, there have been a few small studies which indicate that Marijuana use is beneficial to some cancer patients who have nausea because of chemotherapy.

And also helps with neuropathic pain which is caused by nerve damage. Even so, our Government has said the use of pot/weed is illegal. Dronabinol a chemically created man made a version of some of the compounds found in Cannabis is legally dispensed at a doctor's discretion.

The ACA mentions that there can be harmful effects from the use of Marijuana and just like cigarette smoke it can affect those who are in close proximity to the one who is smoking it.

They further note that Cannabis comes in different compounds and strains which make's its effectiveness and also side effects difficult to predict.

This is one reason the Federal Government has not legalized the use of this plant as a recreational drug, they cannot regulate it. The American Cancer Society is pushing for more research into the matter.

Those who are in favor of legalizing the use of Marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes naturally are going to continue. There is a wisdom to the caution but it's still ironic that past generations simply used the leaves of the plants for free and without Government interference.