Justin Bieber had the world by the hand. He is talented and has a large following, plus his concerts are sold out. He is rich and famous, so why does this Young Man continue with Bad Behavior? Now he has been banned from China because he simply cannot conduct himself in an appropriate manner.

Over the past few years, Justin Bieber has been accused of throwing eggs, racial slurs, driving erratically and just all-around bad behavior. This is a young man who became an overnight hit on the Internet. He has performed with several music legends, including Usher.

What is the reason that he simply cannot display decent behavior? China is taking the step that American will not. In this nation, it seems bad behavior is rewarded and there are no longer standards for entertainers.

There was a time when celebrities are held to high standards. If they did miss the mark everything was done to keep their fall from grace out of the news and away from their adoring fans. Music Mogul Berry Gordy had in place what was called the "Motown Machine." There were chaperones for his singers and there were fines when they got out of line. Justin Bieber is no longer a teen and as an adult, he needs to put away his childish behavior.

Unruly behavior by celebrities should be deterred

It is sad that in America outlandish actions by entertainers will bring them rewards. Perhaps this nation should consider the actions of China and follow suit. It is time someone put Justin Bieber in his place. And let this young man know that he is looked up to by some teens a role model.

There should be someone in his crew who can reign him in. And more importantly, the fans should expect better of him.

If his popularity begins to wane and concert tours are canceled, perhaps he would take notice. When those who idolize him turn to another celebrity and album sales dip perhaps Mr. Bieber will take notice. Until then he will continue to have an oversized ego and make selfish decisions that hurt others.

If more nations follow China's lead and his promoters, managers, and hangers o saw a dip in their stipend they would all be talking to him and suggesting he tone things down a bit.

The bar has been lowered since the days of The Motown Machine and disruptive behavior is embraced within the United States. Justin Bieber needs some consequences for his actions. China banning him is a start.

When more of his adoring public begin turning a way and it hurts his bank account only then will Bieber take a long hard look at himself.