According to the Daily Caller, Italy has threatened to close its borders to migrants pouring in by the thousands. So far this year, Italy has hosted more than 77,000 migrants. That is exactly a 14% increase since last year. Now, with the migrants flocking to the small country, they are being overwhelmed by the influx. “Italy has reached a saturation point,” an official from Italy told Reuters. The source then went on to say that blocking ships returning to Italy has been discussed.

This news comes right after Pope Francis returned from his world crusade of telling everyone to open their borders to the migrants.

According to Breitbart News, pope Francis not only requested but demanded that Poland opens their doors to the migrant influx. Strange, but isn’t that a double standard at its very definition?

Pope Francis world travels

As 2017 dawned, Pope Francis has been traveling around the world promoting world peace and also the idea that all religions should unite. However, one of the most prevalent tasks he faced was to get all the countries to accept the displaced migrants into their gates. This comes despite all the terror attacks that Europe faces on a bi-weekly basis. The task was a grim one, but he faced the challenge none the less.

As countries all over the world accepted his message and started letting the migrants in, Italy now threatens to shut their doors to the thousands of displaced immigrants.

While the Pope bypasses all the latest polls, he claimed that the terrorist attacks committed by radical Muslims were not related to religion in any way, Breitbart reports. So why would Italy close its doors right after the Popes World Crusade? Given, the Vatican is a separate country from Italy; however, the small nation is still within the borders of Italy.

Shouldn’t the Pope get his own house in order before he goes out criticizing everyone else?

Italy’s ambassador claims his country has more than done its part

Maurizio Massari, Italy’s ambassador to the EU, has filed a complaint about the many migrants flowing within his borders. Maurizio Massari claimed that his country has gone beyond the average EU country when it comes to accepting Migrants, The Daily Caller Reported Tuesday.

The ambassador went on to say that his authorities find it difficult for further embarkations of migrants.

Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, has also climbed aboard saying that Rome needs to place a moratorium on the immigrants that come into Italy. So, with Italy being so overwhelmed by migrants, how about the rest of the EU? Of course, there haven’t been any terror attacks in Italy this year. This makes one wonder what the Pope will say on his next world tour of acceptance.