Thousands of people were watching #Rob Kardashian's recent Instagram rampage, with the reality show celebrity posting explicit photos of Blac Chyna, along with lengthy and repetitive descriptions of what transpired between the two. According to Kardashian, Chyna sent him a video of herself kissing another man by way of greeting him for #Fourth of July. Kardashian claims that he had previous knowledge about Chyna cheating on him, but that he had not spoken up because he loved the mother of his child, Dream.

All the love is gone

But love is the last thing one can see from Kardashian's actions.

He went as far as posting "nudes" Chyna allegedly sent him before being with another man. As Kardashian's stories continued, fighting against time and Instagram's policies, he revealed that Chyna was not involved with just one man. Kardashian also mentioned that Chyna's alleged lovers contacted him for financial aid, or else they will expose Chyna.

Though Instagram worked to delete Kardashian's posts soon after being uploaded, users who have been waiting for more updates were quick to take screenshots. Some censored Chyna's private parts, but many did not. The photos made rounds on Twitter even before Instagram had decided to shut down Kardashian's account.

Kardashian himself moved to Twitter to continue his rant.

Chyna taking legal action

Chyna's initial response to Kardashian's online rant was to post a Snap to say that he had physically abused her. Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, has spoken up about the issue, telling People that he is "exploring all legal remedies" for the "Revenge Porn." According to LA Times, revenge porn is considered a crime if a person "intentionally and publicly distribute unauthorized nude photos knowing that they will cause emotional distress."

Drawing the line

But does Chyna really need to show signs of "emotional distress" for Kardashian to pay for the unauthorized distribution of her nude photos?

It seems hardly a surprise that Rob would take this road, with him being related to Kim Kardashian, who had her fair share of porn-related news. Even the youngest members of the Kardashian clan, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner, are tied with negative news and endorsements.

What is surprising is the reception of Kardashian's behavior.

A quick Twitter check reveals mixed reactions: Some Twitter users urge Kardashian to "drag" Chyna down. The circulated photos seem to imply that they think it is alright to post another person's nudes. Others are just waiting for more "tea."

Some Twitter users also say he should have known what to expect from someone who worked as a stripper. Fewer people say Rob Kardashian's level of "pettiness" was too much.

Chyna may not have been the perfect partner for Kardashian, but is Rob allowed to express his outrage on social media? The outrage, yes, because he is a public figure who shares life updates as a way of living. When it comes to damaging photos, however, the line has to be drawn. It may take a while before people forget what has transpired, and the result is that both Kardashian and Chyna have ruined themselves.

It takes a bigger toll on Chyna, however, whose photos may never be completely removed online. No one should try to justify Chyna's behavior, but Kardashian's response to it could have been a little more dignified.