President Donald trump is no stranger to controversy, his presidency itself is just a huge slug of controversy mixed with a bag of bad desitions. But, let's just take a closer look, isn't the media mentioning "Trump" a lot, a heck lot more than they are supposed to. It's as if, they are trying too hard to prove that "Trump" is Mr. Bad, and they seem to be winning at it.

I am no supporter of Trump, heck- I am not even an American. I am just trying to draw a line between blind hate and blind love.

Why do people hate Trump?

To start with, he is just another multi billionaire celebrity businessman with a Twitter account who tells others what to do with their lives.

But, that's not it. He garnered most of his hate by his statements, such as wanting to ban immigrants, "build the wall" and the infamous "Grab her by the p***y" scandal. Let's take a close look at the reasoning behind his statements

Banning Immigrants and refugees

Well, it's unfair to blame him for the situational circumstances happening in the Middle East, But whats fair is his poor choice of words. Trump tried to ban 6 countries, meaning 190 out of the 196 countries in the world can travel to the US. This excluding the previous countries already banned from the previous administration such as Portugal and Minsk. Also, securing countries to keep itself from getting harm is the right of a country, but people fail to realize that.

Build The Wall

90 percent of the cocaine and other drugs that arrive in the US come from central America and Mexico, and apparently, their own respective countries fail to combat that. So what can The US do, protect itself or just let it go? Now, building a wall between Mexico and The US is insane, to say the least. There are many other options Trump administration could suggest, but the convoluted hatred that surrounds the administration won't let any of it progress.

Also to say, it's the administration's failure to consider more options.

'Grab her by the p***y'

What trump said is purely stupid and something no "President" should ever say. But also to factor, before he was the president, he was a Hollywood celebrity. Just listen to half the song the industry puts out, it's all about money, sex or women.

So, it's beyond obvious what he was influenced by. It is what the industry has become.

Is Trump the Good Guy?

Definitely not, but he isn't a demon as portrayed by the media. The only thing this article does is to point his influences and motivation, and most of it is because of the world we have become. Almost half the country voted for him, and there is an underlying reason why people did, many fail to address this underlying issue. Yes, the Trump administration is upright bad, but instead of helping its way out, the hatred is only dragging it down.

Hate Trump as much as you want, but he is the president of the most powerful country in the world, and everyone should respect that. Hate with a purpose, don't hate because of Trump.