It's been a few weeks now since the initial allegations against R&B singer, R. Kelly, have come to light regarding the mistreatment of women. Some reports took it to another level when they accused Kelly of leading a cult, manipulating members, and holding them against their will.

The worst part of it is that the cult forces the members to turn off their communications access to their family members. Hence, the cult decides when the members can have their meal, what clothes they can wear, when they can take a shower or take a rest, and how the members should behave in the cult’s sexual activity.

Kelly’s former girl friend speaks out

Spin reported that a former member of R. Kelly's cult conducted an interview with Jezebel, saying that she is doing her best to be away from her relationship with the singer. However, she also claimed that other members of the cult were completely brainwashed and manipulated, which Kim, an anonymous name for her, described as a horrific situation.

There is also another report came from BuzzFeed early this week that painted a story of two young American women who had left their family to live with R. Kelly. While both of them are above the age of consent, their parents still claimed that they were being held against their will.

Recently, TMZ identified one of the young women as Joyceln Savage.

However, Savage gave multiple comments, asserting that her family members are meddling in her personal affairs, but when she was asked where she is or whether she can leave the house on her own free will, Savage was silent about it.

Back to the interview with Kim, the R&B singer’s former girl stated that her experiences are a little bit different from those two.

She said that Kelly used promises of fame to lure young girls and women into his cult.

The most horrific part of the interview started when Kim revealed her old days with the cult. In the interview, she said that she and the other girls were instructed by Kelly to take off their garments and act as he instructed them to act.

The famous singer then got his iPad and started to film them. However, every time the star vocalist was dissatisfied with the girl’s performance, he punished them in the most imaginative ways.

The R&B star is innocent?

Kelly’s lawyer, Linda Mensch, said the star performer is alarmed and disturbed by the allegations, which he strongly denied. The authorities also revealed that they found the woman to be in good health and with no visible injuries or any markings. Stay tuned for more updates about R. Kelly