Hi, Gemini’s! Sunday has arrived! Your sign runs from May 21st and June 21st which makes you rather charming. Your Daily Lovescope for Gemini looks at using your energy wisely.

What to expect

Singles: Today indicates the beginning of a romantic journey as a longtime friendship turns into love. You will have to handle this relationship tenderly and with love. As far as possible avoid any confrontations and tackle existing problems, amicably. Those of the third decade can expect some great news, including a fling which you would never have expected!

It's not the right moment for relaxation. Prepare yourself for a new rush of energy. The stars favor an evening in the company of others and new encounters. For those of you of the third decade, it is almost impossible not to emit some self-pity. This annoys some people, however, especially those who are particularly fond of you. The stars advise you to cast aside a relationship which is too complicated.

Couples: You definitely want things your way, without delay -- but a relationship is about compromises, large and small. Give a little and take a little, and force yourself to do so with good humor. You'll be particularly generous and will try to share your joy of sex with someone who has no inhibitions and heaps of experience.

If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn, try to review the way you handle your relationship and love, but only if until now this has caused you some problem. Expect a fantastic evening. Invite a friend to your home and have a little party, unplanned of course! Board games could also be good. No particular surprises today for your relationship and this will go smoothly in a harmonious atmosphere.

Those of you in a relationship with a Libran will enjoy periods full of surprises and strong emotions, especially as far as intimacy is concerned. You're zipping from point A to point B to point C to point D, and so forth, today. Are you cruising the city? Or making some serious emotional tracks? Either way, you're in it together.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: As much as you'd like to do something about your singleness, today you'll be much more in the mood to draw up a budget and do some financial planning. There's no accounting for your mood and certainly nothing wrong with planning for the rainy day.

For those of you with your special someone, give in today to your partner’s desires. He/she usually goes along with whatever you choose but let them indulge today in their own fantasy. No harm there, you’re in it!

So there you have it -- today’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. Do enjoy the rest of your day and check back tomorrow to see what the stars want to tell you then.