I declared Trumpcare dead when I heard the word. It has been a disaster since Paul Ryan helped sire the first dismal version. It failed. The House tried again and it passed. Like its many repeal votes on Obamacare, it was sent to the Senate to die, but a funny thing happened. Trump prevailed on the hapless man who is Majority Leader of the Senate to run with the terrible bill.

Obedient Mitch

Mitch McConnell took one step and realized the House Bill was a horror. Since then he has proceeded to make it only worse in a transparent effort to bribe colleagues to say yes.

There has never been a hint of bipartisanship. The damage the bill would do was disguised, not changed. But it turns out, the insurance business was not deceived. In fact, the insurance business is calling a halt to the foolishness.

Here is the seminal call to arms that was issued.

The anger of insurers is centered on the Cruz Amendment which McConnell was unwilling to even to allow the Congressional Budget Office to score. It allows all manner of plans to enter the field without respect to what they cover. This would give an illusion of choice.

It would also deny many with pre-existing conditions the coverage they need. It is a cruel hypocrisy.

The Senate atmosphere

It is important to convey the surreal reality of the Senate at present. Mike Pence is being held up as a flat out liar.

And here is Pence himself.

The war on the poor

If one thing has been consistent from the start it has been the crucifixion of Medicaid in every version of the legislation.

In fact, conservative opposition to the bill hinges largely on opposition to any effort to slow down the planned shrinkage of this essential element of Obamacare. It seems likely that this lie will be understood for the sorry act it is.

A third GOP Senator?

It would not be a surprise tomorrow to see a third Senator join the ranks of the two who have said they will not consider this bill. If a third joins them the bill is dead and we can breathe.

A final slap

A footnote to all this is the sad effort the GOP is making to pad the bill to give the appearance of compensating the poorest and most ill. In point of fact, the added bucks are for the purpose of offsetting predictable losses from the passage of the Cruz Amendment,

For more on this devastating fact, click the link immediately above.

The die was cast a long while ago. Today the deed to end this bill's nefarious progress can be done. One GOP vote and the Trumpcare castle of betrayal and lies goes down the drain.