During a visit to "The Late Show" with Steven Colbert former Vice President Al Gore said he was wrong about POTUS Donald Trump. Gore visited number 45 at Trump Tower, giving his opinion regarding the president pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate deal. Gore says he now has given up on Donald Trump.

Al Gore is concerned about the Paris climate deal

Al Gore, like many others Americans, believe it was a bad idea to pull out of the deal with Paris. He thought he could talk President Trump into changing his mind, but he did not. Gore told Colbert that he believed the President would come to his senses, but as of yet he has not.

Gore believes the President's decision was "disastrous." He now feels somewhat optimistic because other nations are doubling down and promising to do more.

He also noted that American business leaders, mayors, and governors have vowed to continue to support the Paris Agreement despite the decision by President Donald Trump. Even so, Al Gore admits he was wrong in thinking he could influence the President to change his mind. While Gore seems to have given up, French President Emmanuel Macron says he will continue to try to get Donald Trump to reconsider his decision regarding climate control.

The G20 Summit

During the first week in July, the G20 Sumit was held in Hamburg, Germany. The United States was the only country to withdraw from the Paris agreement related to climate control.

This should not have been a total surprise, since, during his campaign, Donald Trump said that global warming was a hoax. Al Gore is not alone in being outraged that the President made the decision to pull this country out of trying to fight climate change and control the situation.

Across America, there was shock and disbelief that the newly-elected Commander-in-Chief could state that these issues were fake.

When the President decided to remove the United States from working with other nations, there was an outcry around the world. How could the newly-elected president be so misinformed about such a serious issue, especially since there is so much information to prove that global warming is real?

Let's hope that Al Gore and other influential leaders will not leave the French President hanging.

Emmanuel Macron needs support. Climate change and global warming are real, and Donald Trump should be concerned. Perhaps those watching "The Late Show" with Steven Colbert will be inspired to reach out to Washington D.C. and the Oval Office.