Hi, Cancerians! Tuesday is here! You were born between June 22nd and July 22nd which makes you rather cautious about expressing your feelings. In today’s Daily Lovescope for Cancer, we’re going to talk about opening up yourself to new experiences.

What to expect:

Singles: You’re usually very careful about what you say to new people but today you can stop being on your Ps and Qs! Loosen up and let your date see how much fun you really are. He/she will feel a lot freer and may even surprise you. Making it up as you go along is the key to finding and keeping romance in your life.

Cupid certainly has been busy shooting at you! Tonight you'll have to choose between a quick fling or long-term love; between the love of your life, a silent, secret lover or meeting someone else tomorrow night. Make up your mind, please. You know the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? Well, too many lovers will spoil your chances at the real deal!

You have this really great way of putting things. When you tell a story, it always goes over well. Don't let the presence of someone cute cause you to get all tongue tied. It will be amusing--but only for them.

Couples: Check your finances you two! Spending money doesn't lead to happiness, it just leads to more debt so curb any impulse to spend money on indulgent or frivolous matters.

Hot sex is on the cards. You'll be enthusiastic, lively and trusting and can look forward to exciting moments. Enjoy yourself as much as you can.

If your rising sign is in the sign of Gemini, you love abusing the powers of others in private. Why not try for once to be the victim? If you’re with an Aquarian, it promises to be an eventful period.

Live daily life with cheerfulness and a care-free attitude as much as you can!

How to get through your day

For those singles out there, it’s easy to retreat into your shell when something new and exciting threatens to remove you from your comfort zone. This, however, makes for memorable experiences and teaches you a lot about yourself.

Get out there and instead of others showing you how it’s done, kick up your heels--and you show them!

For those in a relationship, the only way to solve problems is by talking them through. Bring that concern to light today and watch it fade away. You need to bear in mind, however, that obstinacy is not your best trait--a refusal by either of you to compromise does not offer the best long-term solution for your partnership. Luckily, the stars have paved the way for great communication today, so take advantage!

That’s it for today’s Daily Lovescope for Cancer. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and don’t forget to share your reading!