You need to take stock of your health immediately, the signs are all there and you are not paying attention to them. You have been stressed lately and those pains and headaches are signs and triggers that there is something wrong.


You should take time to go see your general practitioner and get a complete check-up. Yes, I am aware that men in general do not like to visit the doctor but you have to -- whether you like it or not. I am sure you do not want to end up in the hospital anytime soon. This would also be a Good Time to change your diet, cut out all the grease and dairy, and try to eat a bit simpler.

You have a sweet tooth and that is not going to work well for you either, have some fruit and nuts instead -- they are much better for you at this time. People have taken note of your new style of dress and you have received many compliments, it makes you more distinguished and the colors match your skin.

Dressing for success is the key to all that is happening in your life at this time. Yes, it might be a bit expensive but it is well worth every penny. If you are leaving school, this is the perfect time to attend a career fair and see what options there are since you are unsure of what you want to do. You will find many things to choose from.


The work that you have done on refurbishing your parent’s cottage is commendable; it now has a flair that is second to none and very suitable for weddings and other such affairs.

You parents would have been so proud of you and what you have done, if only they could see it now. This would be a good time to get a realtor and a property manager out to the cottage and work on getting some clients for short-term rentals and functions, as this would bring in some well-deserved revenue.

Be pro-active when dealing with your finances or legal agreements -- you have been through a tough time with people who just want to use your money for their purposes and their own agendas.

A financial boost from a family member will come in handy today to pay off some bills that have been outstanding for quite some time. Say thank you to them and make sure to repay the money as soon as you possibly can. A promotion is in the cards for you and everyone knows that you are the favored candidate, you just have to get past the interview and you will be fine. Give it your best shot, be prepared, have all your figures correct, and wow the panel. You can do it, everyone in your office is cheering for you because they know you are the man for the job.