You are a true Capricorn, a happy and ambitious soul, you aim for the top of the highest mountain and there is no stopping you along the way.


I am sorry for those who cannot keep up as they will see the smoke from your heels. You are determined to follow through on every detail of whatever project that is set before you. You are an overachiever and workaholic, your brain seems to never shut off and you are always moving from one assignment to another. You are the one to call to get the job done and that is why you are sought after by so many people in your circle.

You, however, prefer to play it safe and keep to yourself most of the time. Emotional persuasion from someone today will prompt you to get involved in something that is not in your best interest, you are urged to stop and think the situation through before you make another move. I am sure you would not want to make a bad decision that you would regret for months. You are being set up by a friend who is jealous and wants to get that partnership before you. Unfortunate for them, your boss and other partners in the firm know you very well and are not taking this sitting down, really they are just waiting to see how you will handle the situation and what your attitude is towards that individual.

You will not disappoint your boss or partners, as you will deal with the challenge in a very diplomatic way.


Today you were told that you did not make a partnership or get the promotion you were expecting. It was a bit challenging for you, as you worked really hard for this position, but you are encouraged not to let discouragement changes the way you feel or produce, as you will have another chance early in the New Year.

Please be aware that the way you deal with your feelings could influence your status or reputation. For those of you who are thinking about owning a home or starting major renovations to your existing home, the signs are saying to go right ahead as you will be supported. The loan you have applied for will be approved with a good interest rate and you will have a shorter time to repay.

You are being urged not to overspend on the project, but to keep it well within the budget. During this period, you should observe strict financial discipline so that you will remain in a healthy financial position. Those of you who are into stock market trading, you should refrain at this time as you will have many losses that you really cannot afford. Do not entertain a person who wants to borrow a large amount of Money this time.