Bill Clinton got caught getting extramarital fellatio, and the GOP went nuts. The conservatives are totally opposed to gay marriage, believing it unnatural. Hypocritically, they do not seem bothered, at all, that Melania Trump, our illegitimate first lady, posed nude in images with another woman. I think she may have been glistening in oil in one image. What have we come to?! Donald Trump is evidently close to Vince McMahon, he made Vince’s wife, Linda McMahon, the small business secretary. Let that sink in.

Anyone that has ever watched enough WWE to see grown men behaving as WWE fans are apt to, knows the sick feeling I have in my gut when WWE executives start becoming involved in government.

It’s as nauseating as imagining Jimmy Swaggert as POTUS. We now have a president that is bosom buddies with the brains behind the WWE mega-corporation. "Idiocracy" seemed prophetic, now it just seems like a commentary on our current reality. The movie was set 500 or so years from now. I doubt we'll survive that long. I am pretty sure we will be that stupid within a mere hundred and fifty years, when the average IQ will be 55.

The first lady used to set the bar for women, and not just in America. If that is still true, then the bar for women in this country is now set as low as, say; a nude dancer, or a prostitute. Hey, Republican! What do you tell your 10-year-old daughter when she is writing a report for school about first ladies and searches for images of first ladies?

She might see images of strong women, such as Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama. When she gets to these pictures of Melania Trump…what are you going to tell her? Are you prepared for your little angel to grow up aspiring to pose nude with women, then maybe marry some shallow, sexist, unscrupulous slob because, “gold faucets!”...

living the rest of her life in the shadow of a world-class megalomaniacal bully? Hey, Republican! Are you a nitwit, or a psychopath?


According to a review of 63 scientific studies stretching back decades. A University of Rochester analysis led by professor Miron Zuckerman found a“reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity” in 53 out of 63 studies.

That’s damning, if you ask me. Dumbing too. (1) Religious adherents seem unable or unwilling to think logically when it comes to beliefs. I think it’s the astounding level of cognitive dissonance that emits from the poorly written and contradictory pages of religious texts.

There are a few studies that have indicated that the average IQ is dropping dramatically. For every ten years, there is an average .30 IQ drop. With the current IQ average being between 70 and 130, that means that by 2067, 50 years from now, the average IQ will be 85! Personally, I think that is being far too generous. I would want a second opinion.

And speaking of climate change denial, plummeting IQ’s and insane behavior, I’ve had my own hypothesis on the subject for a while now.

Everyone in the world is acting crazy, because, somewhere in each of us, there is this gnosis that we're going to go extinct, and we're all experiencing varying degrees of revelation and acceptance. Most people are in a cozy denial. Some of us are angry. I'm at acceptance. Personally, I think the best thing for the human race, and the planet, is mass extinction...more importantly, human extinction. We have gotten too big for our britches, metaphorically speaking.


Let us take some things into consideration. The first stage of grief is denial. Denial supposedly helps us to survive whatever the loss may be. In this case, the greatest loss of all -- continued existence. There is a gigantic section of our population that I just do not believe is intelligent enough to move to the next stage, but we might want to be afraid if they do.

The next stage is anger. I don’t think anger, stupidity, and guns make a good mix. Denial helps us to pace our feelings. Why not deny this? Odds are that there is not enough puny humans can do to reverse the Carbon Cycle that we accidentally moved ahead a few million years. We’re dying, and that’s just difficult to swallow. I get it, but enough is enough. I don’t want to live out my remaining years while the rest of the population is trying to say black is white, hot is cold, and inclement weather is a sunny day.

Don’t make me angry!

Anger, the second stage of the grieving process, is where I was at a few years ago. I was angry at the entire human race. The reality of the what we have done to the carbon cycle, if one is honest, will piss them off.

They might feel like the earth was stolen from underneath them. Why did "those" people’ get to live, taking our blue green earth for granted? Now the rest of us must suffer agony and loss! One might need to lay blame, and the anger just feels good.

Today, in America, there are too many stupid people living over there, across the river of denial, and unfortunately, up in The White House. The other half, plus a few million, we’re angry! Anger serves a purpose, I suppose, when grieving personal loss. It’s different on a species-wide scale, though. The current pervading anger is directed mostly at those still in denial. How could they be so obtuse? But if we’re intelligent enough to no longer be in denial about it, we must also be intelligent enough to know how useless it is to be angry and blame.

It only shoves them deeper down the hole.

'Let’s make a deal' about climate change

Then there is bargaining. Those of limited intellect would take to trying to bargain with an imagined god. Those of us that still prefer to think logically might, at this stage, be thinking that we could "fix" it, reverse it, or slow it down. We are not in denial of climate change here, but more so in denial of scale. The carbon cycle is going to do what it is going to do. Sure, us stupid humans moved it along considerably by pumping millions of years of carbon into the atmosphere in just a couple hundred years, but now that its been done, if we’re rational and honest, there is no reversing or slowing this process -- not when you factor in the huge proportion of people that are still at stage one.

So, bargaining is out.

Cry about it

The depression stage, is when, I imagine, a lot of people will begin committing suicide or otherwise self-medicating with booze and drugs.

Accept and enjoy

Once we have accepted the futility of being on this rock, then we can enjoy what time is left, and endure what suffering we must. Because that is what living is about. When we realize our time here is limited, then every second becomes precious metal and perhaps we can all just get along at that point. If only we could just get everyone on the same page.