Young Girls as young as nine want their Private Parts altered because of what they see on pornographic sites. This is one horrible effect of pornography that must be addressed by parents. Easy access to porn sites causes these girls to compare what they have in comparison to porn stars.

A report in the Telegraph says that girls as young as nine are seeking surgery to alter their private parts because of insecurities caused by what they see on adult sites. Leading doctors vouch for this reality and Naomi Crouch, a gynaecology specialist spoke to the BBC about this trend.

She said that girls wanting to remove or alter their private parts have a distorted perception of their bodies which is very upsetting.

She was alarmed that medical practitioners are referring young girls for labiaplasty (a surgery to shorten or reshape the lips of the vagina). Another doctor, a GP for 30 years named Paquita de Zulueta told the BBC that young girls have been seeing her about concerns over the shape of their private parts. She added that pornography and social media project unrealistic images that the girls see and wish to emulate.

These young girls are often not educated enough to know that the body shape changes with age and there are a wide variety of differences between individuals.

It is normal for women to be different down there. Aside from the way they see their bodies and the insecurities that develop from constant exposure to adult content, there are still other ill effects of pornography.

Evils of pornography

Teenage pregnancy, addiction to pornography, acquisition of STDs at a young age while actively indulging in sex, sexual abuse, and exploitation are some of the problems that result because of pornography.

There are still more that affect the male gender and society as a whole.

Pornography-based ills can doom the future of young girls. From a spiritual aspect, they become morally callous and unable to know right from wrong. Very often the solution comes from outside influences as these young girls are still too young to understand the consequences of their actions.

Parents, the church, and schools need to understand the extent of the evils of pornography and be able to impart advice and discipline if necessary.

Young girls desiring to undergo genital surgery must be snatched from their wrong perceptions. They must be stopped from going further into pornography to prevent our future mothers and wives from having a distorted understanding of their feminity and their roles in the family.