As the fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leos are difficult to miss, since they cherish being the focal point of attention. It's very easy to see a Leo in front of an audience or in Hollywood since these people never shy far from the spotlight. They are likewise especially gifted and have a style for the sensational. Warmth and excitement appear to ooze from each Leo pore, making these people a delight to be around. The immense qualities Leos are their imagination, optimism, and initiative.

The Lion

The Lion symbolizes Leos, and they see themselves as the leaders of their universe (and the zodiac at that).

Like Lions, Leos have a tendency to be stately and solid, and it is this feeling of their energy that enables them to complete things. A Leo on your team is something worth being thankful for since Lions are anxious to see their activities through to culmination.

Putting these people in charge is something worth being thankful for, as well, since the Leo-conceived are characteristic pioneers. They may unsettle a couple plumes en route, in any case, since they can likewise be tyrannical and fairly absolutist. This might be with regards to the Fixed Quality allocated to this sign - Lions are without a doubt obstinate and set in their ways. So, they are efficient, hopeful and have a talent for moving others.

Rulers of the Universe

Leo is led by the Sun - the focal point of the universe and the fuel for our being. Similarly, Leos see themselves as vital, and the focus of the universe and the individuals who might reveal to them generally would do well to watch out! Lions are active, confident and have a gigantic pizzazz. So imagine a scenario in which the world rotates around them.

There are more regrettable good examples, without a doubt.

The Lion's excitement is limitless, and alongside that comes liberality of soul and the assurance to succeed. That concentration might be understood as vanity and even bossiness on occasion, yet Lions would state 'No chance!' and proceed with their lofty way. Notwithstanding appearance, those conceived under this sign can be depended on for their reliability and feeling of respect.

The element of fire

The component related with Leo is Fire. Everything about Lion's identity is hot, hot, hot. These people are daring and solid, which might be the reason. Lions dive in recklessly and let the chips fall where they may. Luckily, It's Lion's unswerving valor that wins such a variety of people over. In the event that you require somebody to lead the charge, call a

If you require someone to lead the charge, call a Leo - and the greater the venture, the better, since these people love a far-reaching stage (and the group of onlookers that accompanies it). The Lion's charms reach out to all, even to the kids they beyond all doubt love. Yes, the joy rule is central to the Lion, and like this, Leos are incredible at burning through cash.

Come play time, Leos are taking care of business. Lions are likewise a characteristic at the rec center, where they can demonstrate their stuff to a group. At the point when the lights are low, the basic Lion goes to the fore, since this mammoth is 90 percent fun and 100 percent sentimental. Since Leo rules the heart and back, be that as it may, enthusiastic Lions may need to take a full breath and back off a bit. You can wager that the Lion's home will be swaddled in imperial purple and gold.