After the 2017 NBA Finals concluded, there has been a lot of talk in the media, on the Internet and television by the fans and the sports world about LeBron James and his Finals record. With three series wins and five series losses in the NBA Finals over his career, a lot of people look at this as a huge stain on the great career of King James. After this year's Finals loss against the Durant-led Warriors, the media is writing off LeBron at the of ever passing up Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time. But this is just plain wrong.

The narrative of LeBron's Finals record tarnishing his legacy is BLASPHEMOUS

If LeBron James missed the Finals in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017, if he got kicked out in one of the first three rounds during these years he would be a perfect 3-0 in the Finals. Would that give him a better legacy? No, it wouldn't.

We wouldn't suggest an Olympians legacy be tarnished if he had 3 Gold medals and 5 Silver medals. We would congratulate him for being first three times and second five times.

So why discredit LeBron for making the Finals? What should really be analyzed is how he performs in the finals, and looking at the numbers (expect 2011), he has performed EXTRAORDINARY. Only player in Finals history to average a triple-double in a series or to lead in all statistical categories.

If this was boxing, which is a one on one sport, a 3-5 record would be worth critiquing. It would not compare to a 6-0 record. But this isn't boxing; this is a team sport.

It's a team sport

Jordan's TEAM may be more successful in the Finals than LeBron's TEAMS, but LeBron's TEAMS have been more successful in the first three rounds.

You might say the Finals matter more right? Yes, but this just proves Jordan never made the finals until his team was at full strength, and that's why they didn't lose.

Plus, statistics prove that each of LeBron's 8 Finals opponents over his career have had a better postseason net efficiency than the best team Michael Jordan ever faced, along with LeBron having to face teams with more hall of fame players.

LeBron dragged scrubs to the finals in 07 and lost, so we discredit him? Do we ignore the first three rounds and just judge a players greatness on their success in the?

My opinion is, LeBron should be praised for his ability to keep making the NBA Finals and to play at such a high level in the finals. The KD to the Warriors saga might decrease the number of rings LBJ could've ended his career with, but it shouldn't tarnish his legacy at all. At the end of the day, LeBron James is performing at the highest level possible against the highest possible competition when he is in these NBA Finals, and if his teammates can't help him or the opponent is too overpowered. What can he do?

Just remember.

It's a team sport, not an individual sport. So how successful a players team is should not define a player's legacy when comparing two individual players. Derek Fisher was lucky enough to win many championships with the team he was in, Allen Iverson won ZERO. But we never question who the better player is, we never compare their team's success when deciding who's greater either.