There is no doubt that being a woman is difficult. You may be good at handling your life, but sometimes you need some guidelines to make it a little bit easier.

Health for Sagittarius

You have so many ideas, but so little time lately. Getting a book about time management or taking a course about it if you can find one in your area would help you a lot with this issue. Try to organize your tasks by using planning techniques, like prioritizing them or labeling them with numbers from the most important to the less. Make time for enough sleep, even if you think you could be working instead.

Spending at least seven hours in bed is essential if you want to be able to concentrate during the day.

You might feel light-headed in the morning because of the current influence from the planets Mars and Uranus leaving your sign. If you feel dizzy or nauseous today, a cold lemonade with freshly squeezed lemons and sugar may help, as lemon juice can fix your stomach and the sugar will normalize your glucose levels. During this time of the year, it is recommended to keep a diet that includes fresh meals made with seasonal vegetables. If you do not own a garden, you can grow vegetables or condiments in your kitchen so that you always have fresh greens to cook with.

Love in your stars

While making plans for the evening, make sure to use your creativity.

Ask out your significant other with great confidence right now, especially if you have been waiting for the perfect moment to tell him or her about a crazy thing you want to try together. Venus, which is known as that 'the planet of the goddess of love' boosts your romantic energies during this time. Your lover will love your idea and will be glad to bring your dream to reality.

You will remember this day for a long time so talk about something heavy with the one you love. Your intuition is your wise guide at this time, so trust it with all of your heart and Enjoy The Moment. You might experience more intimacy with your partner than you have ever felt and it will have a positive effect on your relationship today.

If you are single, the effect of Venus creates a chance for meeting somebody that interests you today. Keep your eyes open, especially in the afternoon. It will not be a long-lasting relationship though. This period of time is for short but brings powerful experiences. Just enjoy the moment and let yourself to be happy, no matter what might happen in your life next week.