Tulsi Gabbard is featured in this article for a single word: Bipartisanship. I visit Tulsi every day on Twitter. Don't get me wrong. I am not a troll. I have been married for 31 years. I am in this for the politics. I am a Democrat -- a bad word these days. Tulsi is a Democrat too. I have noted her in a few articles already. Today I have reason to note her again. She sees what is under every nose. That is a form of genius.

I shall begin with the tweet that got me going today. Here it is.

If the Democrats need a platform, it is this single word: bipartisanship.

Aloha isn't bad either. A deep abiding love for each other is just what we need globally. Tulsi does not give an inch on her values and commitments. She is tough, but she also cares and senses what's right.

The only answer

Bipartisanship is saying no to binary thinking and binary politics. It hammers out agreements. It is not operating in secrecy as the GOP is doing on healthcare. The GOP is looking for enough votes to maybe get a tie and a Pence tie-breaker. We should have had bipartisanship on Obamacare. Obama should have been willing to sit in like John Lewis and shame the GOP into serving the people and not the one percent.

Democrats should wake up

By calling for bipartisanship the Democrats are not being a weak kumbaya chorus.

They are saying something about how to think, and how to function as adults. If they make this an issue coast to coast they can win coast to coast. People are tired of binary immaturity.

On every debate stage

Republicans should be challenged to pledge that they will work only for bipartisan solutions.

Democrats should own their own part in creating the toxic mess we now have. Obamacare was hatched by the Heritage Society. That is how "liberal it is." The binary Congress was the work of people like Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay. We do not need anything but a finger pointed forward and a call for bipartisanship to force the issue at the grassroots level.

A good takeaway

Even Stephen Colbert got into the bipartisan mode. Here is his take.

It should be stressed that rhetoric like that of President Obama when he broke into national politics is now not just a call to remembrance of who we are but a charter for bipartisan action. The way to get bipartisanship is by nonviolent action, and to say that we are willing to stay put until we get one. Tough bipartisanship means patience beyond the reach of all but the most committed. These are the ones we want as future leaders.

Then there is Donald