It turns out that President Trump does not dislike all media. Some of the time he enjoys chatting with members of the press. Some ponder whether Trump's actions may have more to do with his libido than his desire to connect professionally with those who are charged with reporting on the President's actions. As far as Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) reporter Caitriona Perry is concerned, she described her encounter with the President on Tuesday as "bizarre."

Trump likes Caitriona Perry's beautiful smile

On Tuesday, the President interrupted a telephone conversation with Ireland’s newly elected Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to engage in a socially intriguing way with RTÉ press member Caitriona Perry.

The RTÉ is the Radio [and] Television of Ireland—Ireland's radio service since January, 1926. Accordingly, it is one of the oldest and most respected continuously operating public service broadcasters in the world. Therefore, it is no wonder why some cannot help but comment on Trump's behavior.

Some indicate that Trump was in rare form when he beckoned a respected member of the press, Caitriona Perry, over to his desk, putting Ireland’s newly elected Prime Minister Leo Varadkar on hold. Trump appeared genuinely intrigued by Perry when he asked her "Where are you from?" He then beckoned her over to him. Perry complied but later stated that she felt that the encounter with the President on Tuesday was "bizarre."

Much ado about nothing

Donald Trump supporter and political commentator Kayleigh McEnany pointed out on CNN the next day that the president calls out men as well.

McEnany focused on the question "Is the press overreacting?" On the other hand, Elizabeth Plank (senior producer and political correspondent at Vox) asks: "Is the president kissing or flirting with male reporters and offering jobs based on their looks?" Plank apparently wants Americans to consider Trump's long history of treating women unprofessionally.

McEnany then countered, explaining that the President cares about women and particularly liked Perry's smile. She then asked, "What is the big deal?" McEnany went on to explain that in her opinion this "does not cross any boundaries" and "the press should applaud Trump for the way Trump treated [Caitriona Perry]." Accordingly, here is one question: Is this just much ado about nothing, or is our president making professional women feel uncomfortable?