Ladies, when are we going to learn? We keep going on about wanting equality, how this wage gap is bull, how we should all uplift women and not have our rights restricted. Yet, we continue to let ourselves be plotted against and scheme to deceive one another.

Being a side chick is not typically a favorable hobby or lifestyle.

It is not nice to be a side chick but it is becoming the basis for a new Reality TV show: 'The Real SideChicks of Charlotte.' I have some problems with this.

First, Charlotte is a beautiful city. It's very relaxing and full of diverse people from all over, and the people are very friendly.

So imagine my shock, and for lack of better words, disgust when I heard that this was a thing on the radio one day.

Now before I get dragged on social media (and have my point proved even further) let me carefully explain exactly what I'm trying to say. Point and blank, it's tacky. This lifestyle is tacky. We need to stop aspiring to be tacky.

Now I can admit, I like a few of these reality TV shows. I have three guilty pleasures: "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," and "Chrisley Knows Best." Sometimes, these shows get messier than a potty-training toddler. I also realize that I contribute to this messiness by gluing myself to the couch and watching these shows.

However, difference between me and some other females is that

  • I know this is not how life should be and
  • I never attempted to live like that.

Reality perceptions distorted

This brings me to address the audience that inspired this post -- the women who want to participate in this type of lifestyle of bashing, attacking and demeaning other women for fame, money, and status.

Your perception of reality is distorted.

For example, you declare yourself a side chick. Now what? You and he are going to fall in love and then he'll leave his wife, start dating you, and take you away from the lonely single life that has you acting this way in the first place? Oh sweetie, absolutely not. Those guys are really only interested in trying to see the work of your plastic surgeon up close.

And the guy will stay with his wife, keeping you on the sidelines or replacing you with someone else on his bench.

So you're going to go fight his girl because -- she's being a wife? Wives, you want to fight the girl instead of your cheating boyfriend or husband?

We need to realize that this is once again the work of a patriarchy keeping women fighting against each other, so when it comes to bigger issues than adultery (such as reproductive rights, representation in office, etc.) we won't have our focus on the big things and we won't know how to band together.

Now I'm all about living the life you want to lead. Do what makes you happy. But I'm also a huge proponent of women's empowerment, remembering who raised you, having respect for yourself and others, and maintaining dignity.

This type of show goes against all of that.

If drama and betrayal is a recurring theme in your life, maybe it's time you reevaluate which one of my previously mentioned qualities you're missing.

It's embarrassing to see grown women pride themselves in being treated poorly and treating other women even worse. It makes many people who are insecure feel like this is a way to live to get the attention and gratification they seek.

Who can say it wouldn't be more favorable to see women achieving goals and making changes in this male dominated world?