During the election of Donald J. Trump, I thought for sure that there would be no way he could be elected... yet this vile man won the United States' votes. I sat in awe as I watched the end of the election on my television, unable to sleep wondering how this could have happened.

Here was a man who sat in front of live cameras and shamelessly insulted whomever he pleased and showed disrespect to women, african americans, and any race that wasn't white or rich. For someone to have gotten away with some of the things he said is just absurd in my eyes.

As our children sit and watch these news reports and interviews of America's leader, they witnessed instances of prejudice and exclusion, something children are now trying To Be taught to be against, to accept others, not to exclude and hate because of the color of skin or financial situation. But Donald J. Trump has seemed to popularize the idea of hating others with no regrets.

Trump's statements are immature

Even more so than insulting, things said by him during the election were just flat out immature. For instance, he let slip in an interview that fellow candidate Carly Fiorina was nothing more than an ugly woman, stating “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!” This just goes to show how insulting and immature one could be, especially one running up to be president of the United States.

Lacks political experience

Another thing to think of is the fact that this man really doesn't have any political background (and is obviously clueless about proper grammar). He has background in business, and knows how to make money for himself and his family (the wife who doesn't even want to live with him?). Sure, they're living the high life, but for us it isn't about "Making America Great Again" but more so about trying to help make more money for the upper class and himself.

True heart of a business man, but no political experience. He's promised us a handful of things that haven't been put into effect, and when asked to explain how he would accomplish said plans, he mainly refused to answer or didn't know yet. All we hear from him is the great idea of a travel ban and not letting anyone else into the country.

But nothing has changed with our travel policies.

As a strong Democrat, I never preferred a republican in office, yet this man had me wish that ANYONE other than himself could be elected into office, Democrat or not. I believe Americans need to begin working together in an attempt to stabilize peace between us all, not cause war and destruction for gain of power and money. Throughout history, condemnation has only proven tragic (Jewish concentration camps, african american slavery). So why elect a man who only wants to bring more of that into our country?