It did not take very long for Kathy Griffin’s stunt with the severed head of President Donald Trump to unravel. She presented images on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday evening the firestorm from across the political spectrum was so hot that she deleted her tweets defending the publicity stunt and instead uploaded something that resembled a hostage video rendering an abject apology, It may be too late for her, however.

Reaction negative from both sides of the political divide

As Hot Air suggested, Griffin apparently thought that her stunt would only get a negative reaction from the right and other supporters of Donald Trump. However, the image of Griffin holding up the severed head of Trump, resembling as it did snuff videos from ISIS, was so gross that even lefties like Chelsea Clinton and Keith Olbermann were appalled and so tweeted.

Griffin has miscalculated. She thought her stunt would make her a heroine of “the Resistance.” Instead, she has become an embarrassment.

The apology judged to be insincere

The video that Griffin uploaded was of an abject, almost groveling apology, worded without reservation. The apology was clearly not sincere. One does not shift from thinking that waving the decapitated head of the president of the United States is a very good idea to realizing how grotesque it really is in so short a time. Griffin was concerned about the career-limiting implications of what she had done. She has every reason to be. Note the body language analysis of the apology video below.

The Secret Service

The Secret Service has indicated that it is aware of the video and will be proceeding accordingly.

No one expects Griffin to be indicted for threatening the life of the president. However, an uncomfortable interview with Secret Service agents is certainly a possibility. Such an encounter would be a clear signal that the organization charged with protecting the life of the president takes a dim view of such stunts.

Career limiting implications

Griffin is a paid commentator for CNN and has co-anchored that network’s New Year’s Eve coverage. The cable news network is said to be “reevaluating” her role. Griffin's stunt blindsided CNN. The cable network may have little use for President Trump, a stance reflected in the slant of its coverage, but it draws the line at severed heads.

If Griffin finds herself suspended or even fired, it will only be her own fault. The lesson will be clear. As white hot as hatred of the president is in certain quarters, lines exist that should not be crossed. The question arises, what made Kathy Griffin think that she could do what she did and get away with it?