When I find someone who uses Twitter as it should be used, I say right on. Gavin Newsom is one of the good folk. Here are three tweets on completely different matters issued in the space of half a day. One deals with evil discrimination in the matter of bail. Another deals with a Trump appointee letting a CEO quash rules that accept safety. Finally, there is one of what will be innumerable testimonies to the harm the GOP will do if its ungodly Health Bill passes.

Trump's Deep State is visible to all

Forget about Deep State conspiracy.

The deep state is where we all live post 9/11. We have been deprived of privacy courtesy of Silicon Valley. We have been read courtesy of NSA. We have been vetted by the Treasury Department. We are subject to the GOP and Donald Trump. SCOTUS is an ally of the deep state. There is no Constitution in control. The crimes of Reagan times preceded it.

Here's how Trump's dictates work so openly

The CEO has words with EPA.

And CEOs, of course, are god

The government does not protect us anymore. It operates with smooth impunity.

Impunity means they can act at will. There is no fear of any consequence. Harm is a figment of the victim's eye. The human rights folk use it sparingly because there is so much of it around. The word shame is not heard in Trump precincts.

Has Donald done a thing to reduce harm?

The GOP health bill should never pass. Nor should most other bills he has proposed.

His only bill thus far gave us Gorsuch. Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch are one. Vicious harm now finds its home in SCOTUS. Who knows what evil judgments lie in wait? The biggest fear now may be what could come.

Medicaid now stands between drug use and death.

Opioids are killers on the loose. Trump would rather insult than stop crime. On his watch, epidemics grow. The death statistics range higher each year. Heroin, morphine, prescription drugs ill-used, overused -- a nation is undone. Meanwhile, on the links with billionaires, who knows what evil Mr. Trump prepares?

There are a few things we can do to help

We can send good messages to all inviting them to stand for what does good. We can make some videos that say please do not take healthcare away. We can walk with others and call out for things that make for health and life. This month will either see a closing door and harm rise as more money changes hands. Or the dictatorial lie will be exposed. Choose silent, civil actions that speak peace. Choose values that insult greed. We're in a fight. We've won before. Let's win some more.