As the second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus is all about reward. Think physical delights and material merchandise. Those conceived under this sign delight in delectable overabundance. Taurus loves solace and likes being encompassed by satisfying, calming things. They also love a fancy dinner and a fine wine. The immense quality of Taurus is in their dependability, faithfulness, and stubborn assurance. Bulls need to take care of business, and they will.

Stubborn and hard-headed

The Bull represents Taurus, and with that comes the understanding that these people are hard-headed indeed.

This sign has a Fixed Quality appended to it, all things considered, so expect that things will at times will come to a standstill. They essentially need to complete things, and it's that relentless that winds up being seen as a stiff-necked attitude. Bulls are really among the most useful and dependable individuals from the zodiac, and they are glad to trudge along, figuratively speaking, in the quest for their objectives. The uplifting news for Bulls is that once they get to the end goal, they'll swaddle themselves in material merchandise. A liberal mammoth? Maybe, yet, in the event that you work as relentlessly as these people do, you'd require a few treats as well.

Only the best will do

Taurus is ruled by Venus.

They are partial to all things beautiful, regardless of whether it's in their home, at an exhibition hall, or on the stage. Bulls truly aren't keen on living without excellence in all facets of life. The Bull's affinity for erotic delights, obviously, can just help things along! Bulls can likewise be the sappiest of sentimentalists.

Tauruses are genuine, sentimental people and faithful to the core. You can rely on them to keep your secrets.


The element related with Taurus is Earth. These people are down-to-earth people, since they'd much rather be on solid land. Bulls lean toward conservatism, and this is regularly found in their everyday conduct.

You won't be hearing some far-out, outrageous plans from them. Bulls have a temper that can get really facetious, however, in the long run, they'll quiet down and return to focus, since these people would much rather be Zen.

Seeing as how Bulls are for the most part solid, it's nothing unexpected that these people appreciate testing their quality on the field of play. Climbing is additionally a most loved leisure activity, since it keeps Taurus near their cherished earth. Indoor undertakings are additionally well received, which is the reason why attending a musical or an expressive dance performance is right up their alley.