Even the most ardent democrats defending former Pres. Barack Obama’s legacy cannot deny he has left behind a headless, micromanaged Democratic Party with unclear expectations and a gaggle of second rate leaders with poor people skills.

Democrats' message? Hate

The only message angry, out-of-touch liberals have is that they hate Pres. Donald J. trump and want to impeach him without any charges. In reality, the sheer hypocrisy of their sudden love and respect for former FBI director James Comey does more harm to the Democrats than the president or the Republican Party.

While media and Democrats constantly crow about the president's low approval ratings, a recent Harris Poll showed it is the Democrats with a vacuum at the top. On the question of whom they view as the leader of the Democratic Party, 40% of registered voters said the Democratic Party has no leader.

DNC leadership spitting into the wind

Meanwhile, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, co-leaders of the DNC, have gone silent after stumbling across the political stage like a couple of drunken sailors. Perez opened up a new rift when he forced everyone in the committee to resign and declared that anyone who is pro-life does not belong in the Democratic Party. Perez has simply proved that anyone who thinks Democrats stand for inclusiveness is spitting into the wind.

Impeachment is not a vision

At the same time, Democrats who think they have a shot at impeaching the President over Comey conversations have created a vision of a lynching noose around Trump's neck as surely as Kathy Griffin is seeking employment today. In reality, there is currently no investigation of the president and certainly no charges against him.

All the Democrats have accomplished is to set their followers up for another round of angry press releases that will further obscure any future vision for the country.

No clear leader of the Democratic Party

Incredibly, only 15% of those surveyed by Harris named former Pres. Obama as the party leader. Sen. Bernie Sanders - the independent from Vermont who won’t even admit to being a Democrat even though he ran as one last year - got 12% of the vote.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) - branded Pocahontas by Trump during his campaign for her toothless insistence that she is a Native American - got 10% in the survey, while Hillary Clinton - who has blamed just about everyone in the country but herself for losing the 2016 presidential election - got another 10% of the vote.

Democrats putting all eggs in Ossoff basket

After losing special elections in Montana and Kansas, Democrats poured more than $10 million into a relatively obscure special election in Georgia where an unknown 30-year-old documentary filmmaker is trying to upset established Republican candidate Karen Handel. While that race is tied, Democrat Jon Ossoff could conceivably win. Perhaps the new Democratic Party strategy should be to hope Ossoff wins so they can run him against Trump in 2020 as the Caucasian equivalent of the young, inexperienced Obama who left the party in its current shambles. At least they’d be putting all of their eggs in a hopeful democratic basket instead of a Republican president’s political casket.