Hiroshima... Pearl Harbor.. Nagasaki.. Syria.. Mother Of All Bombs.. The North Korea Nuclear Test... Are we sensing some correlation here? The first and second world wars all germinated from a small local containable problem gainfully expanding on the international scale; thereafter alignments formed which eventually escalated and exploded into a global disaster. The tyrant North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is turning to be the new world menace; provoking even the man of steel, US President Donald Trump, whose resolve and recent actions on Syria and the Afghanistan ISIS clearly indicate that he won't back down where the situation demands action.

The North Korea "Problem"

With the United Nations well laid out statutes on denuclearization, Kim Jong-un and his North Korea territory seem to be swimming against the tide openly defying the laws against nuclear action and signalling to an upcoming much opposed nuclear test. Information that the recently failed missile test by the North Korea military may have been targeted towards Russia has put President Vladimir Putin on his toes and now alliances seem to be forming across the globe to combat this threat.

The World's most powerful man, US President Donald Trump, seems to be the efficient team captain calling on North Korea's powerful neighbor China to increase pressure on the tiny dictatorship and effectively contain the nuclear problem.

Though not a big country, North Korea is said to be rich in natural resources like coal and exudes a powerful military force that cannot just be ignored. Kim Jong-un claims to possess nuclear tipped missiles that can hit the US mainland. He has also threatened the immediate neighbor South Korea as well as Australia should they continue aligning with the United States.

Moving Forward

The whole world seems to all agree on one thing, that nuclear activity is a big threat to the world today and cannot be condoned at all costs. World leaders seem to be uniting their nations with some raw urgency that is seen as a measure to cool down the North Korea Problem. The United States and Japan have been conducting joint military drills on the Korean leaders with Donald Trump streamlining his relations with the powerful Chinese President Xi Jinping, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

among other influential leaders.

Activity has been said to resume on the North Korea nuclear test site and one can only wonder what the short tyrant Kim Jong-Un is up to. Is he engineering a World War 3? Can he face off the whole world alone? Well, as is the case with nature, only time will tell.