Being the world's largest search engine and certainly one of the most influential tech companies in the 21st century, Google came under heat last weekend after one of its employees, cited as James Damore, broke the company's Code Of Conduct by releasing a very controversial memo about Workplace Diversity, one that reflected serious gender insensitivity. Google's top man Sundar Pichai confirmed this in an email to employees on Monday.

Harmful gender stereotypes

The controversial memo seemed to discredit women's tech ability as compared to men and suggested that there were more men than women at Google due to biological differences.

In such a world leading company as Google, such a memo was totally misplaced as it would advance very dangerous gender stereotypes at the tech giant. We live in a world where one has to carefully draw the line before exhibiting any sexist behavior or making sexist remarks.

James Damore's paper, titled Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber argued that the reason why we see fewer women in tech and leadership positions is that the abilities and output of men and women differ which may be brought out by biological causes. Although the author stated that assumptions that gender gaps imply sexism are wrong, he clearly insinuated that women are lesser equipped to handle massive tech and leadership responsibilities in a way due to their biological disposition.

Googlers on fire

Although the writer claims many "Googlers" wrote to him expressing their gratitude after reading the memo, Google's diversity head Danielle Brown was quick to criticize the writing and indicate that it in no way reflected the company's position. He stated that you can not have a world leader company as Google if even the least prejudice and stereotyping is allowed any breeding ground in the work force.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed the matter at length and reminded everyone that the company believed totally in free speech. He stated that although the author of the memo had come under much fire from fellow Googlers, some of the content in the writing was debatable. He, however, took a hard line position on the suggestion that some of the employees were disadvantaged or lesser equipped to perform due to their biological nature.

This to the company is totally out of line and unacceptable.

Google and the future

With James Demore fired, Google reiterates its position that the core part of its code of conduct, is that each employee should do their best to create a work environment that is free from bias, unlawful discrimination, intimidation and harassment.