A movie theater out of Austin has upset a lot of grown men with their decision to offer “women only” screenings of the upcoming “Wonder Woman.” It was in an excited and innocent post on Facebook at the Movie Theater announced the special “women only” screening of the movie.

Embracing 'girl power.'

In the Facebook post, the Austin movie theater claimed they were “embracing their girl power” and apologized to the “gentlemen” reading the post for the decision to have a “no guys allowed” night.

A hoard of angry men responded

Unsurprisingly enough, a hoard of angry men came from all over the internet to slam the theater in Austin for their decision to host a “women only” showing of “Wonder Woman.” These men claimed the theater was being sexist in their decision to host a special event just for women about a movie that was empowering for said women.

And yes, you read that correctly.

These men threw tantrums – like toddlers

One man accused the movie theater of “selected equality” and questioned why there had never been a “men’s only” showing of a movie before. Another man chimed in and said the “women only” showing was “wrong” and that he would never come back to the movie theater again.

On Twitter, one man claimed that he “hoped” the theater would be sued for discriminating against men with the decision to do a “women only” screening of “Wonder Woman.” Another said that if they had decided to do a “men’s only” showing of “Thor,” it would have been an angry hoard of women throwing a tantrum instead.

The theater didn’t back down

Instead of deleting the post, the theater responded to tons of the angry comments left on their social media accounts.

The movie theater encouraged the angry men throwing tantrums like toddlers to give the event a chance. Sure, men weren’t going to be able to come to the event. But, it could be a very empowering experience for the local women.

A more supportive user on Twitter pointed out the men throwing fits over the “women only” screening are wasting their time as the initial screening intended for just women sold out, so the theater decided to host a second one.

This prompted one simple question – if this screening was such a bad idea, why did it sell out? Is it possible some women would like the chance to go see a screening of “Wonder Woman” without men in the theater?

The real question is simple: what do you think about the theater hosting a "women only" screening of "Wonder Woman?" Is this screening really going to hurt all of these grown men?