The suicide bombing in the U.K. has shaken up the anti-terrorism setup everywhere. The Department of Homeland Security feels that, at the moment, there is no evidence of any credible terrorist threat against the United States but, in spite of that, New York City and Boston have beefed up their security.

In New York City, NYPD has strengthened their heavy weapons teams who have to take care of important locations where people gather in large numbers. This is because such venues are usually targeted by the ISIS whose basic intention is to create panic and spread hatred.

The sight of dismembered bodies and blood has a devastating effect on the survivors.

How is security strengthened?

Daily Mail UK reports that NYPD will make use of different methods to combat the threats of concealed explosives in order to ensure safety. It is in touch with its counterpart in Britain on the matter and the FBI has liaison officers in the UK to share intelligence which is vital in cases of terrorism.

New York Governor and NYC Mayor have gone to Twitter and expressed their reactions to the massacre in Manchester, and are determined to prevent any similar attack in the United States. Gov. Cuomo has already issued necessary directives to augment security at all entry points and public transportation systems.

Events planned in New York City and Boston

The panic of New York Gov. Cuomo is understandable because there are several public events already planned in the city and the safety of the citizens is priority number one for him. Therefore, the authorities are in close contact with federal and local officials and are vigilant because of the Manchester incident.

The next major event is at Madison Square Garden. It is a Billy Joel concert and the venue is already in touch with the NYPD to ensure that information pertaining to potential dangers are shared immediately.

Policing has also been stepped up in Boston which is scheduled to host an NBA game at the TD Garden Arena. The strength of police officers is being augmented there to add to the preparedness of security.

Both these cities have experience of handling terror attacks and possess sophisticated equipment and trained and capable personnel to take on the attackers. However, it is not an easy task to predict attacks of this nature and they have to go in for advance and preemptive actions.

The suicide attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester has taken the security setup by surprise and the United States wants to play safe as far as possible. It has efficient people who man the anti-terrorism squads and they are aware of what to look for but, they have to exercise still more care. The incident in Manchester was engineered by the ISIS and it can stoop to any low to carry out terrorist activities. They want to disturb the peace.