China claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea. The US has not recognized China's claim and has insisted on the right of free navigation in the disputed ocean. A Navy warship, the guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey sailed close to disputed islands. The ship is part of the destroyer squadron of the carrier strike group 1.

This exercise was part of the "freedom to navigate" concept in international waters. The exercise was last conducted on November 16, when Obama was president. The fact that an activity by just one warship after a lapse of 8 months show that the US is wary of China.

One wonders why the US could not send a carrier task force in the disputed sea and snuff out the Chinese claim.

The South China Sea

The American approach to the South China Sea problem was difficult to explain. China has no claim to the entire area, and the International Court has ruled against it. They have rejected the judgment of the court. The South China Sea is rich in resources and 3 trillion tons of shipage pass through it.

President Duterte of the Philippines just back after a visit to Russia had questioned as to why the Americans did not send five aircraft carriers to the disputed sea and nipped the trouble in the bud. Obviously, there is no answer. Even now just sending a single warship after months is not the best way to face the dragon.

China asserts as the US allows

China has been allowed to flex its muscles by the USA. The Chinese were creating artificial islands and military installations for years, yet the Americans never reacted. All this military build-up by China occurred during the time Obama was president. Even with Trump in power, nothing much has changed.

The US has a carrier task force of 2 with nuclear-powered submarines close to North Korea. It is difficult to understand why in contrast there is a marked reluctance to antagonize China.

Trump is thinking of enlisting Chinese support against North Korea. Nothing has happened on the ground as North Korea has continued to test missiles with impunity.

The American plan to let the dragon to dominate the South China Sea in return for support against North Korea won't work out. In all probability, America has lost the leverage in that critical part of the Ocean.

Last word

The Chinese have objected to the presence of the US warship in the disputed sea. They have cautioned against repeating this and threatened that it could lead to an incident. China has de facto control of the entire Sea, and it is a fait accompli. The Americans lost the initiative years ago when they failed to counter the red dragon. In the light of recent happenings in the disputed sea, the American obsession with North Korea is Hard To Explain.