President Donald Trump has apparently drawn up a strategy to combat North Korea, and it does not include the provision of any military action. One of the four top strategies outlined by him is to impose every possible sanction and pressure to control Kim Jong-un. The second measure proposed by him is to deny recognition to North Korea as a nuclear state. The third is not to seek a change of regime, and the fourth and last one is to bring Pyongyang to the table and resolve the issues through dialogues.

Trump and Duterte discussed North Korea

Daily Mail UK reports that Donald Trump’s decision to eliminate military action from the earlier list of probable steps is a bit strange and is seen to be at odds with what Trump keeps harping on.

He made certain observations to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte during a telephone conversation. Trump has also discussed launching a nuclear strike on the regime by making use of the submarines that are positioned in the region.

In the course of his discussions, he suggested that Duterte could interact with Chinese President Xi Jinping to evolve a solution and added in the same breath that if China has hesitations, the United States will step in with its military action.

Why has Trump backtracked?

The sudden backtracking of Trump appears to be strange. It seems Trump has already presumed that North Korea has developed a nuclear warhead that can be mounted onto a missile. It's failed missile tests are acting as stumbling blocks for Kim to push ahead with his weapons program.

In 2016, he had claimed about success in testing a miniature warhead that could be mounted on a missile. However, that information is yet to be verified.

The worry for Donald Trump is that Kim Jong-Un is believed to have in his possession the power but is not ready with the means to deliver the load because his rockets continue to fail.

Trump hopes to rope in Pyongyang through diplomacy

The latest strategy of Donald Trump to rein in North Korea could amount to wishful thinking because it has been established that it can survive in spite of sanctions since it has learned to exploit loopholes. The nuclear program involves vast sums of money, and the very fact that Kim Jong-Un has been able to sustain his programs in spite of existing sanctions means that he has access to funds from undisclosed sources.

Under the circumstances, the idea to bring Kim to the table for dialogues could pay dividends and for that China would be the best bet given the improved relationship with Xi Jinping. Tension in the Korean peninsula is increasing and needs to be reduced.

There is enough violence in the world, and any option would be welcome, other than confrontation, to bring peace to the region.