President Trump's brutal and sudden firing of FBI director #James Comey has been the latest crisis to grace Washington and its divided political parties.

James Comey was forging ahead and making inroads in the FBI's investigation into possible #contacts between Russia and the trump campaign in the 2016 election as debate raged privately in political circles about what Comey may find. Whilst Trump's campaign advisors such as Roger Stone and other operators have been suspected of meetings with Russian operatives, it has been unclear if there was planned contact with Russian officials.

It was when Trump suggested that he may have secretly recorded his conversations with Comey, however, that two Republican senators, Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee demanded that the erratic president should give over his tapes.

This treatment of Trump stands in stark contrast to the days after he got elected. Back then, the Republican admiration for him was evident, unlike the current chill. Republicans in those congratulatory few days had high expectations of their new wonder leader and they hoped that they could all forge ahead on a shared conservative agenda that was nuanced by with Mr. Trump’s specific beliefs.